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By Jack Fishman

ISBN-10: 0306447649

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ISBN-10: 1489959785

ISBN-13: 9781489959782

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As early as the 1920s Columbia University had established a Computing Bureau, using IBM punched-card machines. A decade later IBM developed and installed a "Difference Tabulator" at the university. The machine was used almost exdusively by astronomers to aid them in calculating planetary positions and the like. But there was a problem with the existing punched-card machines: they were very Weather Forecasting and the Computer 47 limited in what they could do. Although they could tabulate numbers, they couldn't deal with negative numbers.

Thus, the equatorial region, the "tropics," is the furnace of our weather, the area where the sun's energy has the most direct effect. Knowing that, it is easy to see why the temperature varies over the rest 26 Two of the planet. The sun's rays do not land as directly on the surface, and therefore they contain less energy. The differences in air temperature over the earth's surface are what cause winds. From the global perspective, winds are the means by which the energy produced at the equator is disseminated across the globe.

The success of the 1890 census soon led to other commercial uses for punched-card machines. Companies such as IBM, Burroughs, and Powers began manufacturing such machines and selling them to industries, from the Ford Motor Car Company to the growing electric utilities. The punched-card devices continued to be used through World War 11. FROM COUNTING TO COMPUTERS While such machines were proving a boon to business and industry, the fact that they were limited to mere tabulations of numbers proved a shortcoming for the scientific community.

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