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S o what was actually happening to the rights of the people, to lib erty, equality and fraternity under industrial capitalism and landowner p olitics ? The concept of class was forged before Marx in the first break­ through of European modernity, in reflections on the Industrial Revolution in Britain and on the French Revolution . The value assigned to 'progress ' tended to undermine the b asic assumptions of conservatism. As I have argued more extensively in other contexts, the modem rupture with the past took different roads in different parts of the world a European road, a road suited to the New World of settlers, a colonial roa d and the road of reactive modernization from above .

Unions secularized, as happened in Austria after the Second World War, and in the Netherlands and in France in the 1 9 60s, when the chips were down, the Christian social move­ ments sided with reactionary and anti-Left authoritarianism, in Austria in 1 927 34, in the Netherlands in 1 9 1 8 and 1 9 54, in Germany in 1 9 3 3 . I n the last third o f the twentieth century, however, there occurred a seismic shift in a part of Christianity. Mainstream C atholicism and Protestantism generally became socially progressive, and often also culturally and politically progressive .

But wheri framed in strong� unqualified terms� it makes no sense to the masses of the world, who are struggling to get out of poverty. As a movement, antidevelopment frequently frag­ ments into isolated minority battles with ineffectual and limited support. The World S o cial Forums of the 2000s have given rise to similar antimodernist protest movements from different countries and continents, and have also given them plat­ fonus and a sympathetic hearing. But that has been possible because WSF is a forum, a meeting-place by far the most exciting one in the last two decades and not a movement or even a force of common action.

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