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Suppose f(x) to be altered by some arbitrary amount 'I)(x) in the infinitesimal neighborhood of any point a ~ b. The left side of equation (12) is unchanged; it remains f(b), and hence the additional contribution on the right must yield zero. This at once implies lj (a - b) = 0, b ~ a, in agreement with our conclusion above. Incidentally, it may help the student to visualize the properties of the lj·function if he considers it to be the limit of a sharply peaked but perfectly well·behaved function, for example, a Gaussian, as discussed in the problems.

Observe first that although the left side of equation Operation Equation (37) Multiplication by 2 Multiplication by e1d>(x) Differentiation Squaring Complex conjugation AJ= 2J AJ= efd>J AJ= dJldx AJ=j2 AJ=f* T ABLE I I. Symbolic representation A =2 A =e1d>(x) A = dldx A =? A=? Examples of operalions and operators. (37) has the appearance of a product (and indeed is a product when A is a number or some given function of x, real or complex), there is generally nothing very much like an ordinary product involved.

Indeed, for ystems too complicated to permit complete or exact solutions, it often provides a basi for deciding whether given effect exist or not. As an example of where it provides very significant qualitative, and even semi-quantitative, understanding, consider a particle confined to 7 For a detailed di cu ion of this and other examples, see Reference [18]. THE UNCERTAINTY PRJNCIPLE 53 some region of radius a by an attractive potential V(r). p = Ma. The mean momentum being zero, this is of the order of the momentum itself and hence the mean kinetic energy (T) of the particle cannot be less than Ii 2/2ma 2.

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