Download e-book for iPad: The Brega Path (The Silver Call Duology - Book 2) by Dennis L. McKiernan, Jerry Sciarrio, Books in Motion

By Dennis L. McKiernan, Jerry Sciarrio, Books in Motion

ISBN-10: 0385233523

ISBN-13: 9780385233521

The ultimate conflict! Kraggen-Cor, as soon as the guts of the Dwarf country, now the mountain fastness of the entire creatures of evil that stay in Mithgar. right here the Dwarf King Durek has led his forces to fufill his future and reclaim his realm. yet with the sunrise Gate held through ememy troops and the Dusk-Door of Kraggen-Cor barred by way of a nightmare mum or dad, Durek needs to cut up his forces. He sends the Warrow Perry, the human Kian, and several other doughty Dwarf warriors to likelihood the Brega course, the mythical twisting manner in the course of the center of Kraggen-Cor. With the powers of evil in pursuit, can this small band win via to Durek??s military prior to the enemy springs a diabolical capture which may turn out the dying of all of the Dwarves in Mithgar?

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The next morning. Cotton awakened to find that more than half the stone had been removed from the Door, and he was overjoyed until he tallied up the hours to find that more than half the work time also was gone. He breakfasted with Rand, who said, "It is going to be close. " No sooner had he said that than word came that another massive block barred the way. After breakfast, Cotton went to the remnants of the dam above the falls and sat and once again watched the work. Time passed, yet by midmorn the pile did not seem to have diminished.

The way was slow and difficult, for they had to clamber up and down steep slopes and over great obstacles. , or lowered him down drop-offs just a bit too far for the buccan to jump. Without the big Man's help, the journey would have been beyond Perry's abilities. Even the Dwarves were hard pressed to negotiate this passage. Only nimble. Shannon seemed at ease on the rugged way. There were no offshoots from the cavern, and so a smoother way was not a matter of choice. It took them three hours to traverse just four miles of this arduous cave; and their thirst had grown beyond measure, for their water was gone.

In the end," continued Arl, "we chose to hew to our original duty—to watch the Gap for a Rutchen army-^-but also to watch the track of mis Wrg band below us. In any event, in spite of the fact that we would rather be at our comrades' sides in any conflict, we knew that surely the Host could face any foe and fare as well without us as with us, though it goes against the grain to admit so. On the other hand, we alone knew of this squad of ravers. " "After a time," Arl went on, "the Spawn once again started south, toward the valley, and we came to the decision that one of us should ride to warn the Host, mayhap to set a trap or to divert the Foul Folk if it seemed they were near to discovering the Army.

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The Brega Path (The Silver Call Duology - Book 2) by Dennis L. McKiernan, Jerry Sciarrio, Books in Motion

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