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Книга Swords of the Viking Age Swords of the Viking Age Книги Вооружение Автор: Ian Peirce Год издания: 2002 Формат: pdf Страниц: one hundred sixty Размер: 30,3 MB Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Издание, посвященное мечам эпохи викингов.

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Blade type 2 appears in the mid eighth century and persists until the middle ofthe tenth centuryThese blades tend to be slightly longer than their predecessors as well as being slightly wider- The major change, with the earlier form, is in degree of taper of the width of the blade, which varies between 67 and 83% of the maximum. ord Blades of the Viking Age under Geibjg's Classific,ztion -A- parallel edged to minimally tapering blade with short tip 1 Agently tapering blade with fuller of near uniform width gently tapering blade with tapering fuller A moderately tapering short blade with elongated tip -A moderately tapering l o n ~ blade with elongated tip 140 -A- , 161) point 170 - 3 , 180 full<-rkn$h nnpc I 190 I ~ m l 1 1 blade Icngth r a n g - Gray blocks highlight the most dramatic changes between the various types.

1906:467). Sir William WiIde's No. 2361, p. 112 and fig. 2. Also Bere, p. 22 and fig. 6. Note the similarity in design to the sword under examination. j As stated in footnote X above. The contrast of the blackness of the niello and the alternating fednrss of copper and brightness of the silver is strikinglybeau tihl. 82. , p. 70. Jutland, Dcnmnrk O t ~ ~ r lkngtlt. 3 crn Blnde ler~~elt. 1 cm Condition: excavated condition; hilt excellent, blade corraded and in three pieces This prestige weapon was found in 1883, by a retired farmer, in the lake of Sandersa, apparently with a thigh bone along side it.

One end has a central groove (in line with the blade) which would almost certainly have contained a copper-alloy strip. 5 Jan Petersen, De hrarske Vikingesverd (Oslo, 1914), p. 61. Jorma Leppaaho, Spii'teiscnzeiflich WaRmz arts Finnlnlzd: Sch7uertinsclzriffm und W~flenvcrziertr ngen des 9-12. J ~ l ~ r lnderts t u (Helsinki, 1964),pl. IO,2c. , fig. 53. This is the first time I have seen crossguard ends decorated in this way. Petcrsen states that none of the 22 he inspected had the pommel riveted to the upper guard.

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