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5' CHAPTER ΙΠ HOMOSEXUALITY WE have seen how injuries to, and diseases of, the endocrine organs can produce changes in the physical make-up and sometimes also in the mental make-up of the unfortunate individual affected. H o w adrenal tumours can have a masculinizing effect upon women and can also evolve the infant Hercules. H o w gigantism and infantilism and dwarfism can result from over-functioning and under-functioning respectively of the pituitary. H o w deficiency of the thyroid begets a cretin or causes myxœdema, and lack of iodine causes goitre.

But at this stage of our knowledge it is better to say too little than too much. In conclusion, therefore, let us quote Wright's excellent summing up of the relationship of the pituitary with the other endocrine organs. In Applied Physiology he writes: "Somewhat romantic and flattering titles have been applied to the pituitary, of which 'leader of the endocrine 9 orchestra is a sample. Some workers visualize the BODY AND MIND 37 pituitary as a sort of dictator, uncontrolled b y the nervous system and regulating the activity o f most of the other ductless glands and of certain other organs.

There is also some evidence for supposing that small injections of either hormone given, irrespective of sex, has a stimulating effect upon the organs of both sexes. Unfortunately, the reason for this is not yet quite clear. A somewhat different result is obtained, however, when large doses of the contrary hormone are given over a prolonged period. In a normal woman treated with male hormone for menorrhagia, where it was necessary to give more than the usual dose to obtain a cessation of the flow of blood, it was found that there was some increase in the growth of hair and a slight enlargement of the clitoris together with a dimunition in the size of the breasts.

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