Rosa Luxemburg: Theory of Accumulation and Imperialism by Tadeusz Kowalik (auth.) PDF

By Tadeusz Kowalik (auth.)

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4. The fall in the relative value of agricultural products translates into the contraction of total demand. 5. The increase in the tax burden on peasants facilitates capital accumulation but, on the other hand, limits their purchasing power. 6. It is increasingly difficult to capture foreign markets due to a fierce competition from advanced capitalist countries. 10 Emphasizing the unstable character of Russian capitalism while all other European countries move forward rapidly, Danielson was convinced that Russia could be satisfied neither with traditional handicraft production nor with artificially promoted and supported capitalism which would develop, violating the interests of the entire population.

We will see, however, that these attempts were not decisive in determining the theoretical significance of Rosa Luxemburg’s work and that they were not the strongest aspects of her theory. 2 The Russian Dispute over Markets: From the Narodniks to Lenin Rosa Luxemburg devoted the second part of the Accumulation of Capital to a discussion of arguments on the relationship between production growth and markets under capitalism. She called the ‘first round’ of dispute the clash between Sismondi and Ricardo and the second, the exchange of views between Rodbertus and Kirchmann.

Between production and consumption exists an antagonism, which is manifest in the fact that persistent constant capital (c) expansion and relative variable capital (v) contraction constitute the principle of capitalist production. Nevertheless, it does not create any fundamental difficulties in expanding capitalist production. A different explanation of the value-added realization problem was put forward by Peter Struve, who, similarly to Malthus, referred to a ‘third party’. In terms of Russia’s perspectives, he argued that, due to its large geographical area and population, Russia could do without foreign markets, and that in this sense, her fate would be similar to that of the United States.

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