Ragnar Benson's Ragnar's Big Book of Homemade Weapons: Building and Keeping PDF

By Ragnar Benson

ISBN-10: 0873646606

ISBN-13: 9780873646604

All of the details had to construct your personal heavy guns and explosives is now below one conceal. contains reprinted fabric on C-4, grenade launchers, flamethrowers and extra, in addition to new details on claymores, grenades and mortars. for info reasons merely.

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Information security -- the classic OPSEC, COMSEC, and the more recently stressed computer security -- takes on a whole new level of urgency. As a result, the Air Force is taking some rather significant measures to safeguard our assets. This year, we are spending more than $80 million on defensive measures alone, including establishing a base network control center to protect access to computers and communications. This same center will permit us to see if someone has tried to gain access to our system and, hopefully, will allow us to track down who tried to intrude on the system.

That's how we control the information that we allow the enemy to receive. Again, I am going back to the Second World War and talking about disinformation, particularly the disinformation campaign that centered on General Patton before and during the D-Day landings. At that time, the Allies understood the other guy's ability to intercept our open signals, so we devised a rather elaborate plan that played to this emerging capability on the part of the Germans. The Allies set up a fake Army headquarters and generated false communications transmissions in England.

But seldom will an IW action in and of itself be a creditable deterrent. " Analysis of the optimum linkages between IW deterrence and other deterrent measures is needed. The workshop concluded that when skillfully combined as part of an overall information dominance concept, some combination of IW and other actions can produce the desired deterrent results. Research and development of IW tools and techniques should go forward. The workshop discussions also made it clear that we need to continue the IW and deterrence exploration and analysis process.

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