Maurice Godelier's Perspectives in Marxist Anthropology PDF

By Maurice Godelier

ISBN-10: 0521213118

ISBN-13: 9780521213110

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Paris: Union Generale d'Editions, 1976-78). To our knowledge, the only systematic studies of Lefebvre's state theory are two German texts: Hajo Schmidt's Sozialphilosophie des Krieges: Staats- und subjekttheoretische Untersuchungen zu Henri Lefebvre und Georges Bataille (Essen: Klartext, 1990 ); and Corel Wex's doctoral thesis, "Logistik der Macht: Henri Lefebvres Sozialtheorie und die Raumlichkeit des Staates" (Phillips-Universitat Marburg, 1999). Elden, Understanding Henri Lefebvre, 211-56, and Merrifield, Henri Lefebvre, 121-42, each contain a chapter devoted to 42 Introduction Lefebvre's state-theoretical writings.

For a detailed overview by two of Lefebvre's contemporaries (one of whose interviews with him appears in chapter 6 of this volume), see Yvon Bourdet and Alain Guillerm, L'Autogestion (Paris: Editions Seghers, 1977). Introduction 45 43. See, in particular, chapters 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 15; and Lefebvre's chapter "On SelfManagement," in The Explosion, 84-90. 44. Pierre Rosanvallon, L'age de l' autogestion (Paris: Seuil, 1976). 45. Lefebvre refers to Lafont's thinking on secessionist movements in the Occitan region of France several times in volume 4 of De l'Etat.

Indeed, in the final pages of De Introduction 39 l'Etat, Lefebvre reinforces this imperative by advocating an "urgent utopia ... , a style of thinking turned toward the possible in all areas" (see chapter 14; italics in original). For Lefebvre, the formation of the Paris Commune in 1871 and the French student revolts of 1968 represented defining political conjunctures within the modern world that revealed such latent possibilities for radical democracy, autogestion, and utopian practices, even if they were realized only fleeting!

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