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By Michael E. Himmel, John O. Baker, John N. Saddler

ISBN-10: 0841218226

ISBN-13: 9780841218222

ISBN-10: 084123681X

ISBN-13: 9780841236813

content material: the line to bioethanol : a strategic point of view of the U.S. division of Energy's nationwide ethanol application / John Sheehan --
function of 4 conserved active-site aspartic acid residues in Thermobifida fusca endoglucanase Cel6A / David B. Wilson ... [et al.] --
Gene constitution of a bifunctional cellulase gene (celA) remoted from Teredinobacter turnerae / S.N. Freer, R.V. Greene, and R.J. Bothast --
creation of microbial cellulases in transgenic crop vegetation / B.S. Hooker ... [et al.] --
Hydrolysis of mannans by way of Cellulomons fimi / D. Stoll, H. Stålbrand, and R.A.J. Warren --
an outline of things influencing the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic feedstocks / Ali R. Esteghlalian ... [et al.] --
Molecular mechanics experiences of cellulases / Rocio Palma ... [et al.] --
Adsorption of endoglucanase I and cellobiohydrolase I of Trichoderma reesei in the course of hydrolysis of microcrystalline cellulose / H. Ding ... [et al.] --
Assessing the efficacy of cellulase enzyme arrangements less than simultaneous saccharification and fermentation processing stipulations / J.D. McMillan ... [et al.] --
Phage show of cellulose binding domain names for biotechnological program / Itai Benhar ... [et al.] --
Solid-state enzymes for fiber hydrolysis / George Szakács, Katalin Urbánszki, and Robert P. Tengerdy --
Thermostable cellulase and xylanase from Thermoascus aurantiacus and their strength commercial functions / M.K. Bhat ... [et al.] --
novel alkalotolerant dextranases from Streptomyces anulatus / Stephen R. Decker ... [et al.] --
Microbial mannanases : substrates, creation, and functions / G.M. Gübitz, A. Sachslehner, and D. Haltrich.

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C Units are micromoles of glucose reducing sugar equivalents formed from CMC per minute at 25°C d In the presence of cellulose, residual activity has been observed after a 30 minute exposure to 100°C(/7). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2000. ch003 and agar (15 g). 01 g/ml of Ostrazin Brilliant Red-hydroxyethyl Cellulose (OBRC). Positive clones were selected based upon the formation of clear halos that surrounded the colonies. Molecular Biology Procedures. Standard methods were used for DNA isolation, subcloning, and restriction enzyme analysis (19).

9746-9751. The activities of the mutant enzymes on CMC, SC, filter paper (FP) and 2,4dinitrophenyl cellobioside (DNPCB) are shown in Table III. Clearly Aspll7 functions as the catalytic acid since all three mutant enzymes have very low activity on CMC and SC, but near wild-type activity on DNPCB which has a good leaving group. These results show that the mutants are able to carry out every function normally except protonation of the leaving group. The Asp 156 Ala and Asn mutant enzymes also have near wild-type activity on DNPCB, but somewhat reduced activity on CMC and SC, showing that Asp 156 only affects the catalytic acid.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2000. ch003 --iLFMFWYDLPNRDCAALASNGELRISEDGFNIYKSDYIAPIVEl ^ K A ^ p V P L ^ ^ 150 Cat 160 fimi LL Τ fusca gMwjcJF, IAAJlEÎbsLPNlflT^îlsEllA Cat 1˧ 230 -QAAPY 240 250 260 STTAyFASgDIGFV^DVjA G P 290 Cat M- 270 300 310 320 330 192 ΙβΑ 189 280 262 vgGl§N§LiI§^§KWVD 258 340 350 2 [WNSYLAEKPFVTOWRSAMISKGMPSSIGMLIDTA C fimi ~]PS S I GMI§Dlj^GWœpS|RP'l}s ι τΜ TDV|IS^Y]\|DA fusca | F R ¥ 3 I GMLI DTSRNGWGGHNRpJGpSdaTE 360 370 380 390 400 410 420 -IPGIDAYVWVKPQGESDGVSDPNFEIDPNDPNKQHDPMCDH-FASNSS^ fimi Τ fusca |p_gGYAASHL D A § V W J | K E P G E S D G J |A 430 Tt Cat C fimi Τ fusca 255 S^TINNl|lfï[RS^FYE| Τ C 185 IDJ 2 |AHSGMLGWSDNFAQGVNLIYEVVANLGSGINPIAGFVSNSANYTPVEEPFLPDANLQVGGQPVRSSDFYE| :SGWLGV}DsbËGPSAl|lJFA Tt 210 | C Q E A N G P G G Y R D G I R H A I T E L G K I PNVYSYVD3J !

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