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Shooters prize the semiautomatic Glock for its reliability and simplicity of use. yet what many won't recognize is that with a couple of scraps of steel and a few easy hand instruments, the beginner tinkerer can convert any Glock to complete automated. The conversion layout special during this booklet permits thoroughly authorized members to remodel a standard semiauto pistol into person who supplies selective-fire operation with no changing the foremost parts of the gun equivalent to the receiver (frame) or slide. step by step directions, professionally ready technical illustrations of weapon capabilities in semi and full-auto mixed with top quality images displaying the converted manufacturing facility elements and their right relationships with the full-auto conversion elements enable the reader to obviously see and know how the complete approach works. caution: genuine development of the weapon defined during this booklet might be unlawful below federal, kingdom, and native legislation. All BATF ideas practice, and the BATF actively pursues and prosecutes a person who violates federal gun statutes. consequently, this publication is for educational learn merely.

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