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Most obviously, through his employment of terms such as “Dasein” (which I will translate as “being there” and with respect to which I shall have more to say in chapter 2 below, see sec. 2), “Welt” (world), “Umwelt” (environment, environing world), and “Situation” or “Lage” (both of which can be translated as “situation”), but also through temporally oriented terms such as “jeweilig” (meaning “for a time” or “for a while,” and which I have translated as “lingering”), and “Ereignis” (happening or event, also translated in Heidegger as “event of appropriation” or “enowning”).

Stelle” is connected to the verb “stellen” (to put or to place), which plays a key role in a number of terms, including “Ge-stell” (Heidegger’s word for the essence of modern technology), and in this respect the connection of “Stelle” with spatiality is itself significant (as will be evident in the discussion in chapter 5). Another term that has a similar sense to “Platz” and “Stelle,” in the broad sense of location or position, is (die) “Statt,” which appears in the verb “stattfinden” (to take place).

These two aspects may be construed in temporal terms, that is, in terms of the way in which our situatedness is always an opening into a future from out of a determined and pregiven past.

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