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By Edoardo Sernesi

ISBN-10: 2883395543

ISBN-13: 9782883395541

ISBN-10: 8833955486

ISBN-13: 9788833955483

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It was felt thatstudentswho do not have some level 0 acquaintancewith these threeconcepts were far below expectationsat this level, and would not be able to do enough of the module to make them suitable subjects. Thusany such studentsshouldbe droppedfromthe study. Materialsfor instructionon differentconcepts follow a similarpattern. They begin with referenceto the real world situationsin which the concept arises, then allow for examples to be pointedout. Subjectsthen constructtheirown examples and non-examples, and test their understandingby doing a selection sheet-identifyingexamples and non-examplesand explainingwhy.

This process is repeated for sheets4 and5. L~~~~~i Y 4'~~~~~5 / iii wlcte OpffrOit< are 1roroverat^. p 4/p 7 of part of this grid. If we wanted to color in angles which are congruent, we might use saws andladdersto help. ) X. Students are then shown the parallelogram grid again,and are askedto color in all angles congruent to a given one. They are encouragedto use saws and laddersto explain the coloring. "In summary, studentsareaskedto explainwhy the opposite angles of a parallelogramare congruentusing saws and ladders.

They are then challenged to do the same activity, but this time both angles are made on clock faces (unmarked)and so checking cannot be done by direct superposition. Students can check indirectly by moving an angle maker, but realize that this is inaccurate,and that a more reliable way to measure is by placement of wedges as shown. Studentspracticeestimating and measuringwith the wedges, discovering that a right angle measuressix wedges, and a straight angle twelve. It becomes apparent that measuring angles this way is quite imprecise, and that a smaller unit might be useful.

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