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By Sergei A. Vakin

ISBN-10: 1580530524

ISBN-13: 9781580530521

A whole dialogue of the basic facets of digital conflict, that includes debts of its use in different significant conflicts. contains assurance of pursuits of digital war, digital battle effectiveness standards, mathematical types of indications, structures and methods for electronics jamming, and different significant subject matters.

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1 Fundamental Principles The simplest mathematical model reflecting, in the first approximation, the principal functional elements of an automated system for control of AAD forces would be a multichannel mass service system with rejects [17, 18]. A system of the type under consideration is designed to service, in a prescribed way, a random stream of requests arriving with a definite intensity. It includes a certain number of independent channels, each of which can service only one request, and a control system, which distributes the requests as they arrive among the free channels.

For any set of attributes Xb • •• , X"" it is possible to define rules permitting the evaluation of the distance, d'r between targets of various classes 5, and Sn which are represented by observation matrices (xij)' and (xij)r. According to these rules, the targets 5, and Sr are made to correspond to a vector-column d'r = (dt, ... , d;) T (T is the transposition sign), comprising q scalars, which are termed interclass distances. They describe the degree of difference between the attributes x~ and xi, i = 1, m of the given classes.

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