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In the circle to the right, the part of the circle from R to S to T is an arc. You write the symbol for the arc as RST. The measure of an arc is in degrees. Arc length is a fraction of the circle’s circumference. S T Rules for Finding Arc Length 1. Find the measure of the arc (in degrees). 2. Find the radius of the circle. If the diameter is given, divide the diameter by 2. 3. Plug the arc measure and radius into the formula for arc length: of arc ___________ (2r) Arc length = measure 360º Z Y Example Find the length of arc XYZ.

To two angles A Practice E 1. Determine whether the triangles in the figure are similar. The two triangles are ABC and . D B C The two triangles share . Since the two triangles share an angle, The measure of D is ; the measure of B is  . Are there two pairs of angles that are congruent? Are the triangles similar? 2. Are the following triangles similar? com Name Date Triangle Similarity: Side-Side-Side Similarity When you explored the nature of congruent triangles, you found different methods for proving that two triangles are congruent.

2. Find the measure of WZ. 12 = __ 20 ( )(20) = 12 DC = 3. Find the measure of ST. S X 9 W Geometry . com 15 T 45 Name Date Circles and Circumference A A circle is a set of points in a plane that are the same distance from a given point called the center of the circle. A circle has certain parts. These parts are shown in the figure to the right. D C Examine each figure and then complete each definition below. 1. CD is the radius. The radius of a circle is a segment whose endpoints F E B are the of the circle and a point the circle.

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