Michael Allaby's Fog, Smog, and Poisoned Rain (Facts on File Dangerous PDF

By Michael Allaby

ISBN-10: 0816047898

ISBN-13: 9780816047895

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ISBN-13: 9781438108667

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If Earth were completely dry, the Tropics would be much hotter than they are, and everywhere else would be colder. Life on Earth would be impossible without water, but having made life possible for us, water goes on to make it more pleasant. It moderates climates, cooling those of the Tropics and warming those nearer the poles. Water also cleans the air, and it does so with remarkable efficiency. Without water to wash the dirt from it, the air would soon be too dusty and poisonous to be breathable.

In combustion, however, oxidation is concentrated in a local area, while reduction affects the much larger surrounding area, and its effects are quickly dissipated. Oxidation is the side of the redox reaction that matters. 27 28 Fog, Smog, and Poisoned Rain Oxidation is an exothermic reaction—a reaction that releases energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, of which the useful part is heat. That is what allows us to exploit oxidation as a source of power to heat our homes and perform useful work.

The tower is heated strongly from below, and the temperature is lower at each successive level because each tray is farther from the source of heat than the one below it. Crude petroleum is fed in at the bottom. It is heated to more than 750°F (400°C), and most of it evaporates. What remains consists of The structure of oil and gas traps. Oil and gas are held in porous rock trapped between layers of nonporous rock. 36 Fog, Smog, and Poisoned Rain hydrocarbons that are removed and separated by a different process.

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