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By Robert Bowden

ISBN-10: 1591869056

ISBN-13: 9781591869054

Plant, develop, and harvest the easiest edibles in your garden!

Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening is an easy-to-use advisor to starting to be edibles within the Sunshine country. Full-color photos illustrate the greater than 25 culmination and berries featured, and there also are greater than 35 techniques for the easiest greens to develop during this occasionally not easy weather. necessary transforming into counsel, icons, charts, and maps help gardeners in planting the ideal edibles for his or her targeted Florida location.

This is the appropriate publication for longtime Florida gardeners in addition to newbies to the kingdom with its enviable twelve-month turning out to be season. This up-to-date version of the unique consultant to Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening (Cool Springs Press, 2010) contains new specimens and cultivars in addition to up to date details at the outbreak of citrus greening disorder that has ravaged orange groves in the course of the nation, with tips on protection gardeners should still persist with. Make your backyard fit and comfortable with information from professional gardener and horticulturalist Robert Bowden.

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It never has looked as good as his (afer all, he had a good head start), but I always remember what he had to say and I’ve taken his advice to heart. What I learned more than thirty years ago still holds true today, and with every wheelbarrow full of compost I add to the soil I remember his words. Don’t expect wonders overnight, but with the more good things you add to bare ground, the better it will be for growing food. Feed the So Improve your soil before you begin, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well your vegetables grow.

Growing Your Own: The Garden recommended varieTies Plant Spacing (inches) Row Direct Sow or Planting Spacing Transplant Depth (inches) (D/T) (inches) North Zone Central Zone South Zone Recommended Varieties Bush Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr Blue Lake 274, Cherokee Wax, Commodore Improved, Contender Flaco, Goldrush, Greencrop, Improved Golden Wax, Jade II, Pike, Strike, Tiger Eye 6 18 D 1 French Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr Golden Child, Allicante 6 18 D 1 Italian Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr Roma II, Romano Gold 6 18 D 1 Lima Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr Burpee Improved, Christmas Pole, Dixie Butterpea Speckled, Fordhook 242, Speckled Calico, Big Mama, Willow Leaf 6 18 D 1 Pole Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr Asparagus Yard Long Red Noodle & Thai #3, Blue Lake, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Christmas, Florida Buttered Speckled, Half White Runner, Kentucky Wonder, Kentucky Wonder Wax, Purple Podded, Purple Trionofo Violetto, Rattlesnake, Romano 6 18 D 1 Shell Mar-Nov Oct-Apr Oct-Apr French Horticultural, Jacob's Cattle, Painted Pony, Tiger Eye, Vermont Appaloosa 6 18 D 1 Beet Sep-Mar Oct-Mar Oct-Mar Baby Ball, Bull's Blood, Chioggia, Cylindrica, Detroit Dark Red, Detroit Golden, Long Season Lutz, Piatta D'Egitto, Seven Top 2-3 12-18 D ¼ Broccoli Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Emerald Jewel, Green Comet, Green Goliath, Lieutenant, Packman 36 36 D/T ¼-½ Brussels sprouts Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Jade Cross II, Long Island Improved 24 24 D/T ¼-½ Cabbage Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Baby Pixie, New Jersey Wakefeld, Copenhagen Market, Bonnie Hybrid, Samantha, Savoy Ace, Savoy Deadon, Savoy Chieftain 18 24 D/T ¼ Cantaloupe Mar-Apr Feb-Apr Aug-Sep Ambrosia, Bush Star, Honey & Feb-Mar Rock, Planter's Jumbo 24 48 D/T ½-1 Carrot Sep-Mar Oct-Mar Oct-Feb Baltimore, Chatenay Royal, Imperator 58, Ingot, Little Finger, Lunar White, Nantes Half Long, Tendersweet 2 12-18 D 1/16 Vegetable Bean Chart recommended varieTies Plant Spacing (inches) Row Direct Sow or Planting Spacing Transplant Depth (inches) (D/T) (inches) Vegetable North Zone Central Zone South Zone Recommended Varieties Caulifower Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Sep-Jan Artica, Brocoverde, Cheddar, Minuteman, Snowball, Verdi, Violet Queen 6 18 D/T ¼-½ Celery Jul- Sep Jul- Sep Jul- Sep Giant Pascal, Red Venture, Stoke's Golden Plume 12 24 T 1/16 Collard Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Georgian Southern, Morris Heading, Yates 36 36 T ½ Corn Feb-Apr Jan-Apr Oct-Mar Golden Cross Bantam, Early Sunglow, Sweet Riser, Kandy King, Silver Queen, How Sweet It Is, Sweet Ice, Peaches and Cream, Seneca Dancer 8 30 D 1 Fall Garden Aug-Sep Sep Sep-Oct Garden Straight: Cherokee, Cucina, Dasher II, Indio, Indy 10 36-48 D/T ½ Winter Garden too cold too cold Nov-Dec Pickling: Adam, Eureka Spring Garden Feb-Apr Jan-Mar Jan-Mar Bush: Burpee's Bushmaster, Bush Slicer Summer Garden too hot too hot too hot Eggplant Jun-Sep Jun-Sep Jun-Sep Astrakom, Bambino, Bangladeshi Long, Black Beauty, Casper, Green Goddess, Fengyuon Purple, Green Goddess, Kermit, Louisiana Long Green, Ping Tung Long, Rosita, Traviata 30 30-36 T ¼ Kale Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Lacinato, Nero de Toscana, Red Russian, Yates Blue Curled, Winterbor 18 24 D/T ¼ Kohlrabi Sep- Mar Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Early White Vienna, Eder, Early Purple Vienna, Kosak, Quickstar 6 18 D ¼ Sep-Jan Bibb: Australe, Buttercrunch, Deer Tongue, Merveille des Quartre Saisons Romaine: Bambi, Garden Babies, Freckles, Parris Island, Winter Density Leaf: Black Seeded Simpson, Red Sails, Oak Leaf, Ruby Red, Green Salad Bowl 6 12-18 D/T ¼ Cucumber Lettuce Sep-Oct Sep-Mar & Feb-Mar Greenhouse: Toska, Fabulous, Sweet Success Growing Your Own: The Garden recommended varieTies Row Direct Sow or Planting Spacing Transplant Depth (inches) (D/T) (inches) Central Zone Mustard Sep-May Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Garnet Giant, Florida Broad Leaf, Misuna, Savanna, Southern Giant Curled, Tah Tsai, Tatsoi 12 18-24 D ¼ Okra Mar-Aug Mar-Aug Aug-Sep Candelabra, Cherokee Longpod, Clemson Spineless, Cow Horn, Little Lucy, Red Spray, Silver Queen 24 36 D/T ½ Onion Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Sep-Mar Chippolini White, Granex White, Granex Yellow, White Lisbon Bunching, Matador Shallot, Shimonita 4 18-24 D/T ¼ Pea, English Jan-Mar Sep-Feb Sep-Feb Little Marvel, Super Sugar Snap, Wando, Oregon Sugarpod II, Green Arrow 2 30 D 1 Pea, Southern Mar-Aug Mar-Aug Aug-Apr Brown Crowder, Calico Crowder, California Blackeye, Iron and Clay, Knucklehull Purplehull, Mississippi Silverskin, Rouge de Noir, White Acre, Zipper Cream 4 30 D 1 Jun Jul Vegetable Peanut Pepper South Zone Recommended Varieties Plant Spacing (inches) North Zone Aug Valencia Feb-Mar Feb-Mar Aug-Sep Standard Sweet: California & July-Sep & July-Sep Wonder, Cubanelle, Jalapeño Fooled You, Orange Blaze, Pimento, Sweet Banana, Yolo Wonder Hybrid Sweet: Big Bertha, Gypsy Standard Hot: Ancho, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), Cajun Bell, Caribbean Red, Chili Jalapeño, Habanero, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Long Thin Cayenne, Tampiquero, Trinidad Scorpion, Scotch Bonnet Hybrid Hot: Super Chili 8 24 D 1½ 18 24 T 1/8 Potato Jan-Mar Jan-Mar Sep-Jan French Fingerlings, Kennebec, Onaway, Red Pontiac, Russian Banana, Yukon Gold 8 36 D 6 Spinach Oct-Nov Oct-Nov Oct-Jan Bloomsdale Long Standing, Malabar Red Stem 6 24 D/T ½ Chart recommended varieTies Vegetable Squash North Zone Central Zone South Zone Recommended Varieties Mar-Apr Feb-Mar Jan-Feb Summer Squash: Cheetah, & Aug-Sep & Aug-Sep & Sep Early White Scallop.

Tomatoes are the exception to the rule. I usually mash the fruit and let it ferment for a few days outside until it starts to look nasty. Te fermented pulp, ofen two to three days old, is then placed in a glass or jar flled with water. Afer stirring the fruit pulp for a few minutes I let the entire concoction rest. Te seeds that sink to the bottom are viable and those that foat on top can be thrown out with the pulp. Dry the “good” seeds like other seeds described and store in a location that has low humidity and cool temperatures.

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