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PROTECTION OF THE NECTAR This function may devolve on the filament. The bases of the five filaments of the campanulas are broadened and contiguous, and completely cover the nectar disc protecting it from small α FIG. 21. Momordica balsamtna. S. flower centre, a. Central platform formed by contiguous filaments of the fertile stamens, b. Staminode in form of a flap roofing over the nectary. X 4. intruders and virtually forcing a vertical probing of the column formed by them in the young stage of the flower.

This role of the sepal is relegated, in the Malvaceae, to the base of the sepal, the nectary being in the form of a ring or discrete spots of tissue. The sepal's chief function—that of protection—is not usurped but augmented to the production and protection of the nectar. The secretory role begins with anthesis in Lavatera olbia and Abutilon striatum. There are no data yet to hand as to its termination. In these two species the calyx lives on into the fruiting stage. In Thunbergia grandiflora there is a complete transformation of the calyx into a nectary.

The exact nature of barrier to successful self-pollination is not known. In Lythrum salicaria, the Loosestrife, the styles, the stigmas, the stamen filaments, the pollen grains and the flowers themselves, are all trimorphic. Individual plants have only one type of flower. The long-styled flower has one ring of short and one ring of medium length stamens; the mid-styled one ring of long and one of short stamens, and the short-styled one ring of long and one of medium length stamens (Fig. 29). The stigmatic papillae average 166, 132, and 81 μ in length in the long-, midand short-styled flowers respectively.

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