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ISBN-10: 1857801210

ISBN-13: 9781857801217

Книга Flankers: the hot new release Flankers: the hot new release Книги Вооружение Автор: Y.Gordon Год издания: 2001 Формат: pdf Издат.:Midland Страниц: 128 Размер: 22.44 ISBN: 1857801210 Язык: Английский eighty five (голосов: 1) Оценка:Red megastar vol.2The improvement of Russian army aviation didn't finish with the cave in of Communism. The Su-27 has noticeable enormous upgrading in recent times. In impression, all types of the Su-27 Flanker from the Su-27M onwards may be considered as a brand new new release of wrestle plane -- via Russian criteria. The ebook describes how the Sukhoi corporation strives to utilize a very good layout, adapting it to ultra-modern altering standards through integrating new guns and state of the art avionics.

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