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Because of their exact constitution beamlike elements in multibody platforms could suffer elastic deformations at the impression of inertia forces and imposed a lot. frequently it's not attainable to estimate the loading and the ensuing deformations upfront. For this a real nonlinear formula is derived which treats small and big deformations within the related method and that is compatible for static in addition to dynamic computations.The equations for a geometrically nonlinear beam with shear flexibility are derived in a constant demeanour from the three-d thought of elasticity. hence a beam configuration is taken into account as a parameterised curve at the Lie crew SE(3) = SO(3) к . compatible amounts for pace, diversifications and pressure are outlined at the Lie Algebra SE(3) via left relief with admire to the semidirect product. during this manner the corresponding equations of movement and variational ideas look in an SE(3)-invariant shape. With an identical systematic technique the dynamics of a unfastened inflexible physique is addressed, and by means of this an Euclidean extension of Kirchhoff's kinetic analogy is obtained.The relief to an intrinsic beam equation is separated solely from the subsequent discretisation technique. For this a changed model of the co-rotational Finite aspect strategy is used. As within the traditional technique the interpolation is conducted with appreciate to the co-rotating procedure, yet with the variation that the neighborhood nodal variables are retained and never remodeled to absolute nodes. because the major benefits trustworthy linear form capabilities can be utilized, and a connection to a minimum formula through the neighborhood nodal variables should be demonstrated. moreover, the form capabilities rely on shear deformation parameters that permit for switching to the normal-hypothesis on aspect point with no altering the mechanical formulation.Such an elastic aspect is then interpreted as a kinetostatic transmission point with the neighborhood nodal variables as inner variables. during this atmosphere the ahead kinematics in addition to the backward kinetics are expressed solely by way of Lie algebraic operations. as well as the elastic aspect a inflexible aspect and a joint aspect are provided as additional examples. For the meeting of a process from its transmission parts a number of recursive tools from multibody dynamics are unified. With those tools the inverse dynamics, the ahead dynamics or unmarried multibody phrases should be calculated by means of selection. As a unique case this unified formula additionally comprises the meeting of the beam components and the combination of the beam in a complete system.For numerical purposes the variety of beam components is used to regulate the convergence of the answer, but additionally to music the time step integration in response to the stiffness of the constitution. as a result of the neighborhood calculation of the point forces and the recursive schemes used, the numerical review might be performed in real-time so long as the beams are reasonably stiff.Several try examples are used to illustrate the facility of the proposed formula for static and dynamic issues of huge deformations. The numerical effects are verified through analytic calculations and in comparison with different tools.

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9. HOW TO REMOVE THE ASSUMPTION (A8) If we drop assumption (A8), there need not exist a function ρ satisfying (34), and it becomes more difficult to associate a cellular filtration to X. Nevertheless, we can make the graded group C∗ (X) into a chain complex by taking a direct limit of the Morse complexes on sublevels { f < a}, for a ↑ sup f . On these domains indeed, there are finitely many rest points and condition (A7) guarantees condition (A8). 12. If the supremum of f on M is attained, by (A2) and (A6) X has finitely many rest points, so (A8) is implied by (A7).

Indeed, by the mean value theorem there is sn ∈]0, tn [ such that D f φ(sn , pn ) X φ(sn , pn ) = f (pn ) − f φ(tn , pn ) , tn and by (29), qn = φ(sn , pn ) is a (PS) sequence. Actually, the above observation could be used to give a weaker formulation of the (PS) condition, which does not require f to be differentiable, and could be used to study flows in the continuous category. 2. THE MORSE – SMALE CONDITION We recall that two closed linear subspaces V1 , V2 of a Banach space E are said transverse if V1 +V2 = E and V1 ∩V2 is complemented in E.

Then α is homotopic to the map β: ∂Dk → Mk−1 , ζ → φ b(ζ), α(ζ) , 36 A. ABBONDANDOLO AND P. MAJER so θ∗x (ωk ) = i∗ α∗ (σk−1 ) = i∗ β∗ (σk−1 ). Denote by γi : (Dk−1 , ∂Dk−1 ) → (Mk−1 , Mk−2 ) the composition of i ◦ β with an orientation preserving homeomorphism (Dk−1 , ∂Dk−1 ) → Bρ (ζi ), ∂Bρ (ζi ) . 12 shows that: h θ∗x (ωk ) = i∗ β∗ (σk−1 ) = γi ∗ (ωk−1 ). (40) i=1 Fix some i ∈ {1, . . , of β(ζi ), converges for t → +∞, and let Wi be the connected component of W u (x) ∩ W s (y) consisting of such an orbit.

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