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By Lars Wehmeyer

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Pace advancements in reminiscence platforms haven't saved velocity with the rate advancements of processors, resulting in embedded platforms whose functionality is proscribed through the reminiscence. This publication provides layout concepts for speedy, energy-efficient and timing-predictable reminiscence platforms that in attaining excessive functionality and occasional power intake. additionally, using scratchpad thoughts considerably improves the timing predictability of the complete procedure, resulting in tighter worst case execution time bounds.

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G. multiplication operations, depending on the hardware support provided). The ARM7 architecture provides a three-stage pipeline consisting of the stages fetch, decode and execute. A single instruction therefore requires at least three cycles to pass through the pipeline. Assuming a filled pipeline and a standard ALU operation, one instruction can be executed per cycle. A complete overview over the instruction cycle timing of the ARM7TDMI processor can be obtained from the reference manual [ARM01].

For this reason, it was possible to study a wide range of varying cache configurations. To conclude this section, a short overview over possible design parameters of caches is given: • • • Split or unified caches: In a split cache architecture, instructions and data do not share the same cache. Split caches in general show superior performance compared to their unified counterparts since accesses to both instructions and data usually show a high degree of locality. However, if sequential instruction fetches are interrupted by data accesses, this potential locality is lost and data and instructions may evict each other.

E. when the input logic level changes. Due to the different switching times of nMOS and pMOS transistors, there is a short time when both transistors are conductive, leading to the short circuit current Isc to flow between the supply voltage Vdd and ground Gnd. Finally, the capacitance on the output, shown as Cload in the figure, has to be driven whenever the inverter output changes its value. e. switching) circuits. Short circuit power can consume up to 30% of the total energy budget if the circuit is active and if the transition times of the transistors are long [Syn96].

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