Energy aware memory management for embedded multimedia by Florin Balasa, Dhiraj K. Pradhan PDF

By Florin Balasa, Dhiraj K. Pradhan

ISBN-10: 1439814007

ISBN-13: 9781439814000

Energy-Aware reminiscence administration for Embedded Multimedia structures: A Computer-Aided layout Approach offers fresh computer-aided layout (CAD) principles that handle reminiscence administration initiatives, fairly the optimization of strength intake within the reminiscence subsystem. It explains the way to successfully enforce CAD suggestions, together with theoretical equipment and novel algorithms.

The publication covers a number of energy-aware layout innovations, together with data-dependence research ideas, reminiscence measurement estimation tools, extensions of mapping ways, and reminiscence banking techniques. It exhibits how those innovations are used to judge the information garage of an program, lessen dynamic and static power intake, layout energy-efficient handle iteration devices, and lots more and plenty more.

Providing an algebraic framework for reminiscence administration initiatives, this booklet illustrates the right way to optimize strength intake in reminiscence subsystems utilizing CAD ideas. The algorithmic form of the textual content can help digital layout automation (EDA) researchers and power builders create prototype software program instruments for system-level exploration, with the target to eventually receive an optimized architectural answer of the reminiscence subsystem.

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