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By Jack Ganssle et al

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No less than one chicken species makes use of a sprig to dig bugs out of holes in bushes. a few primates open demanding shells with branches used as golf equipment. The Attini ant is kind of actually a farmer, cultivating patches of fungus and replacing fungi species with different ant colonies. in actual fact Homo sapiens isn't the simply species that makes use of instruments or manipulates the surroundings to serve our ends. 4 billion years of evolution has produced creatures whose health for his or her position in an ecological area of interest has to be augmented through the use of and development issues.

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Com 26 Chapter 1 For digital drive, the driver circuitry for a brushless DC motor is simpler than for a stepper or brushed DC motor. Because each phase is either high, low, or off (high impedance), an H-bridge is not needed. Instead, the driver circuitry can just be a totem pole output. Figure 1-25 illustrates how two MOSFETs can be used to drive a brushless DC motor. The inputs to this circuit could come from a controller IC or a microprocessor. Note that flyback protection diodes are needed in this circuit.

This is a noble, but utterly impractical, goal. For example, in The Art of Software Testing, Glen Ford Myers[6] describes a small program with only five decisions that has 1014 unique execution paths. He points out that if you could write, execute, and verify one test case every five minutes, it would take one billion years to test exhaustively this program. Obviously, the ideal situation is beyond reach, so you must use approximations to this ideal. As you’ll see, a combination of functional testing and coverage testing provides a reasonable second-best alternative.

Figure 1-22 shows the H-bridge we’ve looked at before, but with a modification. Here, we have separated the motor control inputs so we can turn each transistor on and off separately. If we take inputs “A” and “D” high at the same time, transistors Q1 and Q3 both turn on and the motor turns in one direction. If “B” and “C” are both high, the other pair turns on and the motor turns in the opposite direction. Now, suppose the motor is turning and inputs “B” and “D” go low, then inputs “A” and “C” are both driven high.

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