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By Paul Cevoli

ISBN-10: 1589950046

ISBN-13: 9781589950047

A whole waste of time and cash. This e-book is misrepresented in what it claims to be approximately. It includes little or no details particular to embedded FreeBSD.

The writer must have written even more approximately minimizing the kernel, proscribing reminiscence utilization, machine driving force improvement, and flash garage matters - simply because those are the themes which are the main relevent to an embedded procedure. The dialogue approximately utilizing Tomcat, JSP, and JNI to supply internet entry to an embedded gadget - whereas vital - is significantly lacking.

A reliable e-book approximately an embedded working process will discover the issues and trade-offs platforms developer must make. it can additionally talk about getting the OS to run on a unmarried board machine - comparable to one of many devboards indexed within the FreeBSD ARM venture. This e-book does neither.

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In addition to the PID and PPID, a process contains the process group ID, the PGID. Each process group contains a unique process group identifier. Every process group is able to have a single process group leader; a process group leader is denoted by the process group ID being the same as the PID. The setpgid and getpgid System Calls A process is able to set and get its PGID through the use of the setpgid and getpgid system calls. h> int setpgid(pid_t pid, pid_t pgrp); pid_t getpgid(pid_t pid); A process is only able to set the process group of itself and its children processes.

19 Chapter Two Systems Programming Controlling Terminal A session may have a controlling terminal; this is the device used to logon. The session leader that initiated the connection of the controlling terminal is considered the controlling process. The controlling terminal is established for us when we login. There are times when a program wants to talk to the controlling terminal. Scheduling Priority Execution time is made available to a process according to its process priority. Priorities range from 0 through 127.

The geteuid and getegid System Calls The geteuid and getegid system calls return the effective group and effective user, respectively. h> 15 Chapter Two Systems Programming uid_t geteuid(void); uid_t getegid(void); The geteuid and getegid system calls always succeed. The seteuid and setegid System Calls A process may be able to change the effective user ID or effective group ID by invoking the seteuid and setegid system calls. The seteuid and setegid system calls can set the effective user ID and effective group ID.

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