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15 B. and S. ; r/1000' = designed for maximum inductance, e = 100 volts. 17 W ), Problem 26. Find and plot the curve of dying away of the current when the coil of problem 25 is short-circuited. Problem 27. Find the average value of the inductance of the magnet previously designed (Chap. V), and determine how long take for the current to rise to 90 per cent, of its permanent value. f. and current at any instant. , 6, it was assumed that the im- was constant. f. stant but instant. it is, however, not con- varies Almost from instant to all electrical instal- lations now use alternating current rather than direct current.

E, is suddenly short-circuited by the closing of the switch, S' (Fig. 34), then and, at the instant of closing, * FIG. 34. = e t = = 0, 0, I, where Z is the current in the circuit just before closing the switch. f. has been suddenly removed. The inductance of coils varies with the and number size, of turns. shape If a given length of wire of defi- made into a inductance coil, F IG< 35. will very nearly be obtained 1 if the coil has the proportions given in Fig. 35. 27 cm. 2 10Xc where the length of the coil is , henrys > given in centimeters, and c is in centimeters.

Same as last, but for three coils spaced 120 apart. Problem 23. f. of an armature whose conductors are spaced uniformly around the periphery. , e S (Fig. 32), a current is established and sets up a magnetic flux Inductance. is t closed through a switch, in the coil, which links with the turns of the coil. f. in each turn, N turns, e = N- e = or in the -TJ-, Expressed in volts FIG. 32. this is e Inductance is = defined as the N_ d$ 10 8 dt number (13) of iijterlinkages of flux with turns, per unit current, or, in symbols, Expressed in practical units it is: L = where i is the current in amperes.

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