Download e-book for iPad: Elastomeric Proteins: Structures, Biomechanical Properties, by Peter R. Shewry, Arthur S. Tatham, Allen J. Bailey

By Peter R. Shewry, Arthur S. Tatham, Allen J. Bailey

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ISBN-13: 9780511065118

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Elastic proteins ensue in quite a lot of organic platforms the place they've got advanced to meet exact organic roles. the easiest identified contain proteins in vertebrate muscle mass and connective tissues, akin to titin, elastin, fibrillin and spider silks. curiosity in elastomeric proteins is presently excessive for a number of purposes. first of all, they've got organic and scientific importance, quite in human disorder. Secondly, the weird homes of proteins reminiscent of spider silks offer possibilities to boost novel fabrics. Thirdly, the improvement of scanning probe microscopy makes it attainable to check buildings and biomechanical homes of those proteins on the unmarried molecule point.

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