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By Enzo Traverso

ISBN-10: 9502311787

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2, constraint (1) holds with equality at an o p t i m u m , and so Lx" = Ab for all v. Φ Let (ρ; χ1, . . , xN) b e a RS, and χ = Σχ". By hypothesis, Lx" = Ab for all v. 3, χ = (I - A)~l(Nb). 1. Consequently, for some ν, pA((l/N)x) < ρω" since Σω" = ω. Trivially, p(I - A)((l/N)x) = pb; and L((l/N)x) = Λb. Thus, for the chosen ν, χ" = (1 /N)x is in fact not only individually feasible, but individually optimal. Since χ > 0, χ" > 0. 3, and the theorem follows. 5 verifies a claim mentioned earlier.

Unauthenticated Download Date | 4/12/16 9:15 PM Exploitation in a Precapitalist Subsistence Economy 43 But one must not go too far in ascribing historical reality to these models. They are not intended as economic anthropology, but as logical exercises to inquire into the function of different institutional and behavioral specifications of economies, with regard to exploitation. For instance, one might reasonably ask of this model, if it were intended as a historical one: Why should an exploited producer maintain the "utility function" of minimizing labor expended today, subject to producing net exchange value in sufficient amount to trade for subsistence?

This should indicate that the phenomenon under study is considerably more robust to institutional variation than one might have thought. In Chapters 2 and 3 I introduce a labor market and then a credit market into the subsistence economy, and examine the consequences for the articulation of the exploitation phenomenon. With the advent of either of these two additional markets, classes, which do not exist in the simpler economy of Chapter 1, will emerge. The key question of these chapters will be the relationship between exploitation and class, both endogenous phenomena of the economies.

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