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By Wilford Zdunkowski

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Whole with various workout units and recommendations, this paintings is written for complicated scholars of meteorology and similar sciences in addition to specialist meteorologists and researchers. the 1st a part of the ebook provides the mathematical instruments wanted for a radical figuring out of the themes coated within the moment. those issues comprise kinematics of the ambience; inertial and dynamic balance; turbulent structures; and novel climate prediction tools with power for extending the forecasting diversity.

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Next we wish to show that, in an orthonormal system, there is no difference between contravariant and covariant basis vectors. 89) Here use of the raising rule has been made. 89) it is easy to show that there is no difference between contravariant and covariant physical measure numbers. 92) 1 The last two forms with mixed basis vectors (covariant and contravariant) are more convenient since the sums involve the evaluation of only three terms. In contrast, nine terms are required for the first two forms since they involve the metric fundamental quantities.

In the general q i -coordinate system all quantities depend on the spatial coordinates q i (i = 1, 2, 3) and on time t. 5) = φ mn (q i , t)qm (q i , t)qn (q i , t) showing the explicit dependency of ψ, Ai , φ ij and of the basis vectors qi , qj on q i (i = 1, 2, 3) and t. 6) We often call these expressions the total differentials or sometimes the individual differentials of the corresponding variables. It can be seen that the total differential consists of two parts. The first term represents the change with time of the variable at a fixed point in space.

7) There are several ways to represent a complete dyadic. Some important results are given below. As will be seen, various dyadic measure numbers occur, which will now be discussed. e. B = Bn qn . 11) While B ij and Bi j are called the mixed measure numbers of B, the terms Bij and B ij are the covariant and contravariant measure numbers of B, respectively. 1 Basic definitions and operations 27 only the kind of the corresponding basis vectors (covariant or contravariant) of the dyadic but also the order in which they appear.

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