New PDF release: Differential Equations on Complex Manifolds

By Anton Savin, Boris Sternin

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The current monograph is dedicated to the complicated conception of differential equations. now not but a instruction manual, neither an easy choice of articles, the ebook is a primary try to current a roughly designated exposition of a tender yet promising department of arithmetic, that's, the advanced conception of partial differential equations. allow us to try and describe the framework of this idea. First, uncomplicated examples exhibit that recommendations of differential equations are, regularly, ramifying analytic features. and, for that reason, will not be standard close to issues in their ramification. moment, taking into consideration those very important homes of strategies, we will try and describe the tactic fixing our challenge. without doubt, one has first to contemplate differential equations with consistent coefficients. The gear fixing such difficulties is recognized within the genuine the­ ory of differential equations: this is often the Fourier transformation. Un­ thankfully, this kind of transformation had now not but been developed for complex-analytic features and the authors needed to build by way of them­ selves. this variation is, after all, the foremost proposal of the full theory.

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J w(t)= j utJ h2(t) h2(t) ~[}w(t)+ ufJ J Res{w(t) 8 \(x,t;}. 26) 2 That is, a function s(x, t) such that the equation of S(t) is s(x, t) = 0. t. the variable t. 26) is homeomorphic to the tangent bundle of the sphere sn- 1 . The vanishing class e'(t) is the class of the sphere itself considered as the zero section of T sn- 1 with some orientation, e'(t) E Hn-1(S(t)). 26) is the class e(t) E Hn(Cn, S(t)), satisfying the equation ae(t) = e'(t), where is the boundary homomorphism (the Bokstein homomorphism, see, for example, [108)-[111]) induced by taking the boundary of chains defining relative homology classes in H11 (Cn, S(t)).

Cx~) 3 ) · Since the function is homogeneous of order -1, it suffices to calculate it for p1 = 1. Using the affine chart x 0 = 1 for computing the integral, we obtain 0 , p) ~ :F (po,p) I Pt=l = j h(p) R 1/(xo)3w(xo,x) I es o 3 x Po+ ... 24) h(p) To conclude this step of calculations, we have to derive the formula for the vanishing cycle h(p). 3. Differential Equations witl1 Constant Coefficients 21 (note that (x 2 , x 3 ) are coordinates on Lp)· Thus, the intersection LpnX is a second-order curve and we can reduce it to a simple form with the help of the change of variables The corresponding canonical form is As was explained in the previous section, the right-hand side of the latter formula vanishes exactly on the set ex' so the equation of ex is Pi + P~ + P~ = P~ (we took into account the homogeneity property of the set X).

In other words, the following assertion holds. 5 The following relations are valid Res p* = p* Res, i* Res= Res i*, 8 Res=- Res 8*. 5. Now let 5 1 , 5 2 be submanifolds of X in generic position. 11) Res H*(Sl \ S1) - 81 - - commutes. 6 in this book. The proof can be found in J. Leray [108]-[111]. 2 Function Spaces Let X be a complex n-dimensional manifold and S an irreducible analytic set of codimension 1 in X. The set of singular points of S will be denoted by E(S). It is an analytic set of codimension ~ 2 in X (see [40]); therefore, S\E(S) is an open everywhere dense analytic submanifold in S.

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