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By N. Cook

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EN1991-1-4, Eurocode 1: activities on constructions -General activities - half 1-4: Wind activities, is the top code for wind activities on buildings and describes the foundations and requisites for calculating layout wind lots on buildings. It complies with the necessities of Eurocode EN1990, Eurocode: foundation of Structural layout, and offers the wind activities essential to enforce the structural layout Eurocodes 2 to nine.

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A higher F1 in the early Precambrian is consistent with suggestions that higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels then resulted in greater oceanic productivities than now (Rothschild and Mancinelli 1990) and possibly greater organic carbon burial rates. Perhaps in the early Archean, high marine productivities were associated with hydrothermal vent sites (de Ronde and Ebbesen 1996). This conjecture may be supported by the apparently isotopically heavier kerogen record up to about 3 Ga. If ␦in is interpreted as in case (ii) and has been nearly constant since the early Precambrian, and assuming ␦13C for F1,F2 and F3,F4 fluxes correspond to the measured values of preserved carbonate and organic carbon, respectively, then the inversion of the sedimentary carbon isotopic record (Des Marais et al.

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Designers' Guide to EN 1991-1-4 Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures, General Actions: Wind Actions (Eurocode Designers' Guide) (Pt. 1-4) by N. Cook

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