New PDF release: Deadly Karate Blows: The Medical Implications

By Brian C. Adams

Книга lethal Karate Blows: The scientific Implications lethal Karate Blows: The scientific ImplicationsКниги Боевое искусство Автор: Brian C. Adams Год издания: 1999 Формат: pdf Страниц: 124 Размер: 19,55 MB Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Смертоносные удары каратэ - анатомическое объяснение.

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Instead, Rorion came across as personable, magnetic and quietly self-confident. He was tall and lean with broad shoulders, flashing dark eyes and a big, thick moustache. The overall impression was movie actor handsome, with the charisma to match. He had a strong handshake and was gracious, polite and engaging. But to my dismay, Rorion showed no real interest on his part in discussing my proposal, as much as I tried. As soon as I started on about the World’s Best Fighter, he would shut me down. Instead, Rorion wanted to regale me with stories about the legendary Gracie family history, traditions and fights.

There, I became friends with Jimmy from Chicago, who had been a star football player in high school. Along with fellow jarhead Tommy from Los Angeles, we’d wander over to the Republic of Korea Marines (called “ROKs”) encampment to watch them do their taekwondo workouts. All three of us loved boxing and thought it was amazing to see these tough little guys go through their highly regimented striking drills. How they would do against a quick boxer in a real fight was a constant topic of debate between the three of us.

It lands flush on his mouth with the sickening sound of a melon being struck by a ball-peen hammer. The power of the blow forces Tuli’s lips back into his teeth, and shears off one of his incisors at the gums, which goes flying past our commentators and into the crowd. Tuli turns his head involuntarily, having just been hit with the equivalent of a baseball bat swung at full force by someone connecting with a fastball. Gordeau, methodical and in full control, doesn’t let his opponent get up. He re-sets his feet, waits for Tuli to turn back towards him, and at the perfectly timed moment, throws a crushing right hand with the knuckles extended, that lands smack on the Hawaiian’s right eyeball.

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