Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: by Thanos P Dokos PDF

By Thanos P Dokos

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As counter-profileration is predicted to turn into the principal point within the new nationwide safeguard coverage of the united states, such activities will represent a valuable component to each significant foreign clash within the first a long time of the 21st century. some of the most very important geostrategic phenomena of the previous decade has been the extreme diffusion of war-making functions from the constructed North to the constructing South. within the eyes of a few proliferant states, owning nuclear, organic and chemical (NBC) guns wouldn't in simple terms upload to their local stature, yet could additionally provide an asymmetrical counter to the West’s large superiority in traditional forces.

In the japanese Mediterranean and the center East, a few international locations are assumed to own various degrees of NBC-weapons services. purposes for drawback comprise the truth that such guns were utilized in the earlier; the region’s geographic proximity to Europe and the important pursuits of the West (which is ready, lower than yes situations, to exploit strength to guard them); the multiplicity of conflicts and different protection difficulties; and the overall instability within the quarter (including the unfold of non secular extremism).

This vital and well timed e-book assesses, intimately, the accuracy of predictions, and perceptions, a few attainable army risk from the Southern Mediterranean (Muslim) global; and their effect on NATO’s political and armed forces posture. Thanos P. Doxos provides an review of the Alliance’s ideas for facing the matter. This e-book represents a useful, topical source for researchers and coverage makers.

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An additional NWS, China, has yet to ratify the Treaty. Of the 44 states whose ratifications are required for the Treaty to enter into force, only 34 have ratified. In connection to testing, the persistent conduct by the US of sub-critical tests of nuclear explosive devices, an activity focused on maintaining, not eliminating, nuclear stockpiles, is a source of concern. Efforts to establish a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty in the Conference on Disarmament (CD) are deadlocked. Furthermore, not all NWS have signed and ratified the protocols attached to the South-east Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone (NWFZ) and the African NWFZ and there were no developments regarding the Middle Eastern NWFZ.

The crucial fact is that, despite the immense stress placed on the two leaders and their advisers, President Kennedy refrained from the act that could have triggered irreversible escalation (bombing the SAMs of the IRBMs), and helped Khrushchev to retreat from the brink by undertaking to withdraw US missiles from Turkey. And the idea of pre-emptive war was never mentioned. What conclusions can be drawn? It cannot be denied that loss of control during a crisis between two NWS may lead to the use of arms and eventually escalate into a nuclear war, that this risk is heightened by the removal of all peacetime safety procedures and mechanisms, and that the possibility of unauthorized acts by field commanders exists; but in the one clear-cut case we have to go on, this did not happen.

The principal concern is Pakistan, because of its growing nuclear arsenal and a government under pressure. It has been argued that, while the international community’s worst fears with respect to Pakistan have not materialized so far, the possibility cannot be ignored of ‘nightmare scenarios in which extremist elements, perhaps with the support or assistance of sympathizers in the armed forces and intelligence services, come to power in Islamabad or gain control of some or all of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

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