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This can be a visible advisor to the strategies, campaigns, and genius of the best army commanders in heritage. From Alexander the Great's conquest of the recognized international correct as much as the generals major present day campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, "Commanders" casts new gentle at the leaders who've cast background at the battlefield. filled with specified illustrations and images, conflict maps and artefacts, discover the lives and conquests of over 240 commanders, with in-depth profiles on 21 key figures, similar to Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Nelson. realize extra approximately their enemies, from Pompey and Boudicca to Marshal Ney and Kutuzov, revealing their defining moments and key battles. "Clash of the Commanders" positive factors express how one commander triumphed and one other failed, with timelines plotting the major strikes on each side. prices from the commanders themselves, beneficial properties on their own results, guns, autos and snap shots, all convey the lives and careers of those commanders to existence.

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Vercingetorix positions his army outside the hill town of Alesia, fortifying his camp Caesar places his infantry on the defensive and sends out his cavalry to conduct a successful spoiling attack on the Gallic relief force 28 SEPT Vercingetorix sends away his cavalry by night to escape the siege, finding their way through the incomplete Roman line Vercingetorix executes a collective decision to remove women, children, and the elderly from the town 29 SEPT Vercingetorix observes the arrival of the Gallic relief force outside the Roman lines and places his men in forward positions, ready for a coordinated assault on the Roman defences 30 SEPT–1 OCT Night The Gallic relief force launches an attack, but Vercingetorix is slow to join in engaging the Romans and the attack is repulsed 39 ANCI ENT R OME A ND ITS ENEMIES LOCATION ⑤ Gauls nearly break through, but are defeated by Roman cavalry ③ Gauls discover weak point in Caesar’s fortifications and attack en masse Ra bu ④ Vercingetorix leads assault from inside the fortifications Cavalry ⑥ Gallic army retreats in confusion, pursued by the Romans.

CAVALRY EMPIRES As the centre of military power from the time of the Achaemenid Persian empire, Iran was heavily influenced by the central Asian nomadic tradition of warfare. Its armies tended to rely on cavalry armed primarily with bows serving as their shock troops. The Parthian Arsacid dynasty ruled Iran for more than four centuries from 247 bce. It extended its rule over a vast area that included Mesopotamia and parts of central Asia. The Parthians were constantly at war, subduing various vassal states and resisting the pressure of infantry-based Roman armies along their western borders with considerable success.

Titus briefly succeeded his father as emperor before his early death, aged 42. TRAJAN ROMAN EMPEROR BORN 18 September 53 CE DIED 8 August 117 CE KEY CONFLICTS Dacian Wars, Parthian Campaign KEY BATTLES Sarmizegetusa 106 CE, Ctesiphon 116 CE Although Trajan was born in Spain, his father became a Roman senator and he was brought up as part of the Roman ruling elite. He showed an early aptitude for the military life and distinguished himself as a legion commander campaigning on the Danube. His reputation as a general led the army to support his adoption as heir to the imperial throne, which fell to him in 98 CE on the death of Emperor Nerva.

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