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This publication is predicated on genuine internal product areas X of arbitrary (finite or countless) measurement more than or equivalent to two. Designed as a time period graduate direction, the e-book is helping scholars to appreciate nice principles of classical geometries in a contemporary and basic context. a true gain is the dimension-free method of vital geometrical theories. the one necessities are easy linear algebra and easy 2- and three-dimensional actual geometry.

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Hence τ −1 α−1 g (0) = 0 and thus β := τ −1 α−1 g ∈ O (X). Chapter 2 Euclidean and Hyperbolic Geometry X designates again an arbitrary real inner product space containing two linearly independent elements. As throughout the whole book, we do not exclude the case that there exists an infinite and linearly independent subset of X. A natural and satisfactory definition of hyperbolic geometry over X was already given by Theorem 7 of chapter 1. If T is a separable translation group of X, and d an appropriate distance function of X invariant under T and O (X), then there are, up to isomorphism, exactly two geometries X, G T, O (X) .

Hence c − c = 0, and thus 0= Proposition 9. Let B (c, ), 2 − 2 − (c − c )2 = 2 − 2 . > 0, be a ball of (X, hyp). Then B (c, ) = {x ∈ X | x − a + x − b = 2α} √ with a := ce− , b := ce and α := sinh · 1 + c2 , where et denotes the exponential function exp (t) for t ∈ R. Proof. Put S := sinh , C := cosh C − S = e− . and p := x − cC. 5. Balls, hyperplanes, subspaces 47 a) Assume x − a = 2α − x − b for a given x ∈ X. Squaring this equation yields S (1 + c2 ) − cp = 1 + c2 x − b . Observing x − b = p − Sc and squaring again, we get (cp)2 = (p2 − S 2 )(1 + c2 ).

If H (a, α) and H (b, β) are euclidean hyperplanes with H (a, α) ⊆ H (b, β), then H (a, α) = H (b, β) and there exists a real λ = 0 with b = λa and β = λα. Proof. If a, b are linearly dependent, then there exists a real λ = 0 with b = λa since a, b are both unequal to 0. Put x0 a2 := αa. e. β = bx0 = λa · x0 = λα, and thus H (a, α) = H (b, β). e. e. e. b − ab a2 ab a a2 2 = b2 − (ab)2 = b (q − x0 ) = 0, a2 a = 0 would hold true. If a = 0 is in X and a2 = 1, then the hyperplanes of (X, hyp) can also be defined by αTt β (a⊥ ) with α, β ∈ O (X) and t ∈ R : take ω ∈ O (X) with a = ω (e) and observe αTt β [ω (e)]⊥ = αTt β ω (e⊥ ) = αTt βω (e⊥ ).

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