Chiral auxiliaries in cycloadditions by Karola Rück-Braun, Horst Kunz PDF

By Karola Rück-Braun, Horst Kunz

ISBN-10: 3527293868

ISBN-13: 9783527293865

Because the days of Diels, Alder and Woodward, cycloadditions were one of the such a lot flexible reactions for stereoselective synthesis ... All suitable info is accrued during this well-structured, sensible instruction manual. prepared in line with the cycloaddition style, the correct auxiliaries, reactants, stereoselectivities, yields, and references for every key response are compiled in compact tables. Scientists attracted to the theoretical heritage of stereoselective cycloadditions will locate a superb choice of in-depth literature references. ... with this accomplished facts assortment cycloadditions becomes a fair extra strong device for each natural chemist engaged on stereoselective synthesis.

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Let Figure 31. The cell complex of [m][n]paracyclophane together with the arcs al,a2, and a3. 28 2 A Knot Theoretic Approach To Molecular Chirality D,r, s, PI,p2,and p3 denote the corresponding cell, vertices, and arcs, respectively, in the mirror image cell complex. The deformation taking the cell complex to its mirror image, takes C to D and the pair of points { x , y } to { r , s } ,possibly permuting them. So by the theorem from the last section, there is a deformation of the cell complex to its mirror image which takes the arc u3 to the arc /I3.

Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 1998,24, 379-388. [25] K. Kuratowski, Sur le probRme des courbes gauches en topologie. Fund. 7, 271-283. [26] M. Histome, N. Watanabe, T. Sakamoto, K. Yamakawa, Organometallic compounds. XXIII. Formation of novel di- and tri-bridged ferrocenophanes. J. Organornet. Chem. 1977, 125, 7993. [27] Y. Okuno, K. Uoto, Y. Sasaki, 0. Yonemitsu, T. Tomohiro, New entry to tetranuclear clusters with tetrathiol ligands anchored to hydrophobic macrocycles in iron-sulphur protein analogues; = pFe4S4(C ~ C ~ O ] ( X N [ C H ~and ] ~ ) )Fe4S4( ~ - C~C~O}(XN[CH~]~NX-~-C~H~-~-CH~C~H~)~}~-( SC&CO), J.

Since we saw that an oriented Hopf link is topologically chiral, the labeled Hopf link which is illustrated on the left in Figure 20 is topologically chiral as well. As the mirror image of this labeled link is not contained in T(G),it follows from Kauffman’s Theorem that the embedded graph of the oriented molecular Hopf link is topologically chiral. The method that we have described enables us to prove the topological chirality of most topologically chiral molecular knots and links. 4 Topological Chirality of Molecular Cell Complexes In this section we want to propose an alternative approach to analyzing the topological chirality of topologically complex molecules.

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