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By Frances M. Hamer

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ISBN-10: 0470381817

ISBN-13: 9780470381816

Content material:
Chapter I mostly Introductory (pages 1–31):
Chapter II Methincyanines (pages 32–76):
Chapter III Methincyanines with Substituents at the Chain (pages 77–85):
Chapter IV Symmetrical Trimethincyanines (pages 86–115):
Chapter V Unsymmetrical Trimethincyanines (pages 116–147):
Chapter VI Trimethincyanines with Substituents at the Chain (pages 148–199):
Chapter VII Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Pentamethincyanines, together with people with Substituents at the Chain (pages 200–243):
Chapter VIII Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Heptamethincyanines, together with people with Substituents at the Chain; Polymethincyanines (pages 244–269):
Chapter IX Cyanines during which the Odd?Numbered Carbon Chain, Which hyperlinks the Nuclei, or a part of it, is Cyclic (pages 270–291):
Chapter X diversifications within the Nuclei Which input into Cyanine Molecules (pages 292–350):
Chapter XI Bases, together with a few With Substituents at the Chain, of Which Cyanines are the Quaternary Salts (pages 351–374):
Chapter XII Azacyanines, together with Dyes Substituted at the Chain, and Bases of Which the Quaternary Salts are Azacyanines (pages 375–397):
Chapter XIII sure sessions of Dyes regarding Cyanines (pages 398–510):
Chapter XIV Merocyanines (pages 511–611):
Chapter XV Trinuclear and Polynuclear Cyanines (pages 612–684):
Chapter XVI the connection among color and structure within the Cyanine sequence (pages 685–705):
Chapter XVII Photographic Sensitisation and a few different houses and makes use of of Cyanine Dyes (pages 706–741):

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From F. M. Hamer, Q2cart. Revs. London, 4, 327 (1950), Plate I . ll For various scientific purposes it is convenient to have photographic material which is sensitive to a particular region of the spectrum. Photography in colour depends on the availability of Photographic material which has been sensitised to different colours. Some cyanines absorb infrared light and sensitise to the infrared. Dicyanine (see section 3-G) was an early infrared sensitiser, which was used for spectrum photography,la but kryptocyanine (see section 3°F; IV-2-C) was easier to use; by means of it, the most distant photographs on record were taken by A.

CH: to a Sequence of Three Ketomethylene Residues, with Two Direct Linkages ........ .... 662 665 667 667 668 669 670 670 670 671 671 671 672 672 672 673 Contents xxxv L. Non-Ionic Tetranuclear Dyes Having One Quaternary Salt Residue. a Sequence of Three Ketomethyiene Residues. Two :C H CH : Linkages. and One Direct Linkage M . Non-Ionic Tetranuclear Dyes Having One Quaternary Salt Residue a Sequence of Three Ketomethyiene Residues. and Three :CEf CI-I : Linkages N . Tri-IonicTetranuclear Dyes Having Two Central Ketomethylene Residues.

5. Cyanines in which the Nucfei are Directly Linked (Apocydnes) A. General According to a patent of 1903,81the action of caustic alkali on hot alcoholic solutions of quinoline alkiodide gave red and yellow dyes, which differed from cyanine and isocyanine in that their aqueous solutions were not instantly decolorised by mineral acids. The compounds prepared from quinoline ethiodide, methiodide, and methochloride, and from some substituted quinolinium alkiodides were specified. Both types were said to be useful in photography, but no details were given.

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