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Schwan and G. M. " Iriterriatiorial Review of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (June 1955):424-48. l A 43 experiments in which the head area alone was directly irradiated suggest that the fatal outcome was the result of an excessive rise in brain temperature. 52 That warning was first provided in 1952. 53 From their experimental data at 433 MHz, 750 MHz, and 918 MHz these researchers confirmed that energy is readily absorbed from the induction fields in the nearzone. The absorption within the brain was found to be about twenty times greater than in the skull and subcutaneous fat.

3 March 1982):31113. 21 most studied. However, in the United States 915 MHz is the authorized industrial, scientific, and medical frequency. Researchers, therapists, and oncologists would prefer to use a frequency around 850 MHz since that is the region for maximum energy absorption by living tissue. The frequency range of portable cellular telephone transmissions, 825-845 MHz, was not deliberately chosen to coincide with the most dangerous frequency range known. to man. It was selected because that is the frequency range alloted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Their own publications acknowledge as much. In one such infrequent industry report researchers identified an energy absorption "hot spot" located in the temporal region of the human head. 57 ___________ 57 Q. , "Energy Deposition in Simulated Human Operators of 800-MHz Portable Transmitters," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology VT—27, no. 4 (November 1978):174-81. 48 These experiments were performed at 840 MHz, which is within the portable cellular telephone transmit band. Industry researchers acknowledge the need for concern of operator exposure to radiofrequency radiation because the 800-900 MHz band is very close to the frequencies used for medical diathermy (918 MHz).

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