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By Joanne Mattern

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If the groundhog sees its shadow, there'll be six extra weeks of wintry weather. Moss grows purely at the north facet of a tree. No snowflakes are alike. you will have heard those universal sayings or ideals ahead of. yet are they honestly precise? Can they be confirmed utilizing technological know-how? Let's examine seventeen statements approximately Earth, climate, and the surroundings and discover which of them are correct, which of them are mistaken, and which of them nonetheless stump scientists! discover even if all deserts are scorching! observe even if it truly is actual ring round the Moon skill rain or snow is at the approach! See should you can inform the adaptation among truth and fiction with Is truth?

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It attracted rats, flies, and other pests that spread disease. Rain washed dirt and poisons into the water supply. It was a smelly, unhealthful way to get rid of trash. In 1937, the first sanitary landfill in the United States opened in Fresno, California. Sanitary landfills are lined with clay or plastic to keep the garbage from polluting the ground and water sources. 31 Earth’s Distance from the Sun Really Cause the Seasons? Does Nope. Many people think summer occurs when Earth is closer to the sun and winter occurs when Earth is farther away from it.

But that’s not how it works. In fact, Earth is closest to the sun in January, when it is winter in North America. And it’s farthest away from the sun in July, when many of us are wearing shorts and sandals! 32 The seasons occur because Earth tilts on its axis as it revolves around the sun. As a result of this tilt, the sun shines directly on only part of Earth at a time. The sun shines directly over the Northern Hemisphere around June 21, when summer begins in that part of the world. It shines directly over the Southern Hemisphere around December 21.

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