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The beginning of tv. corporation formation and growth. The BBC view. the beginning of the experimental carrier. A advertisement prospect. The emergence of a competitor. The paintings of the tv committee. The London station, web site and working features. The service.

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F. Jenkins of the USA and D. von Mihaly of Hungary. Other inventors were patenting their ideas on television at this time (1923), but only Jenkins, Mihaly, Baird and a few others were pursuing a practical study of the problem based on the utilisation of mechanical scanners. 16 Fig. 5 The birth of television, 1923-1926 V. K. Zworykin, of the American Westinghouse Company, patented his television scheme in 1923. The circuit and electronic pick-up tube are shown, together with a photograph of the first tube made by Zworykin in 1923 The birth of television, 1923-1926 17 The approaches of the three inventors to their tasks were individualistic.

Baird utilised disc scanners for many years, and even when the London Station was established in 1936 one of the essential items of equipment provided by Baird Television Ltd. was a spotlight scanner of the Nipkow disc type. HvP iliii' transmitter Fig. 9 receiver Nipkow's Patent of 1884 S selenium cell P polarising prism G flint glass A analysing prism P. Nipkow was the first person to propose the use of apertured discs for scanning in a 'seeing by electricity' scheme. He patented his method in 1884 Nipkow's invention26 had an inherent limitation which precluded its use for a purpose which Baird held to be of some importance, namely, cinema television.

4 In his Presidential address to the Rontgen Society in 1911, Campbell Swinton described his scheme for television using non-mechanical scanning means at both the transmitter and receiver. His ideas influenced McGee and Tedham, of Electric and Musical Industries, in the early 1930s In addition, de Forest's invention of the audion (1907), Hallwach's demonstration of the photoelectric effect (1888) and the detailed investigations of Elster and Geitel (1889-1913) on photoelectricity were important contributions that were to play a vital part in the progress of television.

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