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By Jordan Roth

ISBN-10: 146290226X

ISBN-13: 9781462902262

Written by means of one among America' s most eminent karate lecturers, it is a no-holds-barred, no-frills guide guaranteed to relief the student's quick development to the rank of black belt.

A holder of the black belt measure on the grounds that 1959, the writer has distilled and preserved the hard-won strategies and information of years of perform and experimentation. Over 800 ideas and workouts and greater than 1,860 pictures exhibit the rate and gear inherent in adequately taught karate.

Part One is a normal creation to the heritage, the mentality, and many of the ideas and formalities of karate, together with a summer time education time table designed to strengthen the tenderest toes. half is dedicated to training-focusing on important components of the physique, guns, stances, blocks, assaults, unique workouts, and plenty of different elements of karate. half 3 is given over to sparring and its a variety of intricacies, with directions on developing openings, breaking the opponent's stability, and shutting distances. In every one half, because of his vast wisdom and adventure, the writer is so ordinary and lucid in his presentation that even the slowest pupil can't support yet make regular development. the common scholar will growth speedily and locate his becoming ability enough evidence of the price of Black Belt Karate.

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Keeping a firm grip with your left hand on his wrist, bend his wrist and pistol backwards; at the same time, knee him in the testicles (Fig. 130). NO. ) С - Disarming from Behind 1. Hold your arms as in Fig. 131. 2. Turn rapidly inwards towards your left-hand side, passing your left arm over and around your opponent's right forearm, as near the wrist as possible, and bring your left hand up your chest (Fig. 132). Note. - It is impossible for him to shoot you or release his arm from this grip. 3.

107). Then march them off. shtml 3/25/2003 GET TOUGH Page 1 of 4 GET TOUGH! S. armed forces W. E. FAIRBAIRN NO. 27 - BREAKAWAYS FROM "COME-ALONG" GRIPS A number of so called "come-along" grips are frequently demonstrated and taught as being 100 per cent perfect, and impossible, once secured, for any man to escape. Under certain circum-stances it would, indeed, be difficult and painful to escape them; also it might result in a badly strained ligament. Nevertheless, any man of average build and strength can, with at least a 50 per cent chance of success, not only break away from these holds, but he will also be in a position from which he can with ease break his opponent's limbs and, if necessary, kill him.

2. 3. 4. Drive well into the stomach (Fig. 116). "Sabre Cut" to right-low of neck (Fig. 117). Cut to left-low of neck (Fig. 118). Smash up with pommel, under chin (Fig. 119). shtml 3/25/2003 GET TOUGH Page 2 of 2 NO. ) 5. Smash down with pommel into the face (Fig. 120). Attacking Blows 1. "Sabre Cut" to left or right wrist (Fig. 121). 2. "Sabre Cut" to left or right arm (Fig. 122). shtml 3/25/2003 GET TOUGH Page 1 of 5 GET TOUGH! S. armed forces W. E. FAIRBAIRN NO. 30 - DISARMING AN OPPONENT OF HIS PISTOL You are held up with a pistol and ordered to put your hands up.

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