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Milic Capek has dedicated his scholarship to the background and philosophy of contemporary physics. With impeccable care, he has mastered the epistemologi­ cal and medical advancements through operating in the course of the papers, treatises, correspondence of physicists for the reason that Kant, and also he has placed his studying and important ability into the similar philosophical literature. Coming from his unique clinical occupation with a philosophy doctorate from the Charles collage in Prague, Capek has ranged past a narrowly outlined philosophy of physics into common epistemology of the normal sciences and to the total old evolution of those issues. He has ex­ pounded his perspectives on those issues in a few articles and, systema­ tically, in his ebook The Philosophical impression of up to date PhYSiCS, released in 1961 and reprinted with new appendices in 1969. His specific present for plenty of of his readers and scholars lies within the nice interval from the mid-nineteenth century throughout the foundations of the physics and philosophy of the 20th, and inside of this incredible time, Profes­ sor Capek has develop into a significant expositor and sympathetic critic of the philosophy of Henri Bergson. He joins a individual workforce of students -physicists and philosophers -who were motivated to a couple in their so much profound and imaginitive inspiration via Bergson's metaphysical and mental paintings: Cassirer, Meyerson, de Broglie, Metz, Jankelevitch, Zawirski, and in recent times, Costa de Beauregard, Watanabe, Blanche, and others.

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But Poincare also always insisted that the adoption of any geometry different from that of Euclid as well as any effort to imagine it, though possible in principle, would be highly cumbersome and uneco- BERGSON'S BIOLOGICAL THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE 25 nomical. Even if the discovery of the negative parallax would suggest that cosmic space has a slightly Riemannian curvature, it would be more convenient, more economical, logically simpler to assume a slight modification of the laws of optics rather than to adopt the geometry of Riemann.

17 By its very definition, our imaginative and conceptual grasp of the wider sequences of events depends on the development of memory and anticipatory imagining and reasoning without which no planned action, no matter how rudimentary, is possible. Thus the zone of reality which man perceived and to which he reacted both in imagination and action increased continually both in space and time. The passages in Spencer's Principles of Psychology illustrating by numerous examples this "concomitant extension of correspondence in both space and time" are still relevant and convincing despite their Victorian style.

III where the author makes an interesting comparison of Poincare with Mach; also pp. 286-308. 26 Cf. Note 24. 27 'Science and Hypothesis', in The Foundations of Science (trans!. by G. B. Halsted), The Science Press, Lancaster, 1946, p. 86. S. , p. 81. 29 H. P. Robertson, 'Geometry as a Branch of Physics', in Albert Einstein: Philosopher Scientist, p. 325. , p. 91. ), p. 274. , pp. 420-421. , p. 428. , pp. 78-79. 3S Helmholtz-Schlick, op. , Note 38. 36 H. Poincare, Last Essays (trans!. by John W.

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