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By George Gasper

ISBN-10: 0521350492

ISBN-13: 9780521350495

Thorough and updated, this publication is an authoritative account of easy hypergeometric sequence and their purposes. The authors supply particular and designated information regarding summation, transformation and growth formulation and contour integrals. They relate the overall effects to different very important mathematical features and combinatorial questions.

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We proceed with the construction of c G El\m(E,F) in (3). Let ftp : P —> X be the principal 0(m)-bundle of orthonormal frames of the normal bundle N —> X for the embedding / : X —•> Y, where diraX = n and d i m F = n'. m —> Nx, where m = n' — n and Nx is the fiber of the normal bundle at x G X. In terms of associated bundles, we have N = P x 0 ( m ) Mm = ( P x K m ) / O(m), where O(m) a c t s o n P x R " 1 via (p,v)-A := ( p o i , A~lv). Note that 0(m) also acts on K m + 1 = E m x M via A • (v,a) = (A(v),a), and the m-sphere Sm C E m + 1 is invariant under this action with two fixed points, the poles (0,±1) eSm.

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