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Taking his cue from the music, Nijinsky’s main character (danced by himself) is a faun—a half-human and half-animal creature of the woods much like a satyr, or man-goat—who comes upon seven young nymphs in the forest. Unlike Debussy’s gentle score, however, Nijinsky’s faun is full of primal sexual energy as he attempts to mate with one of the nymphs, who drops a scarf as she flees from him. The ballet culminates with the faun alone, fondling her scarf and finally lying on top of it erotically, arching into a spasm of sexual delight.

Hérold’s score is by turns lively and lyrical, and there is some serious technical dancing for the two leads, each performing precise feats of batterie (leg beats in the air) and some stunning turns, as well as lovely, graceful adagios (slow, lyrical dances). In the end, of course, Simone gives her approval, and Lise and Colas are allowed to marry; this propels the whole happy village into a finale in which the lovers are celebrated. La Fille is the ballet version of an entertaining sitcom or a “chick flick”—light, romantic, and entertaining.

58 BALLET Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, pictured in the early 1900s, was one of the most famous classical ballet dancers of her time. She is perhaps best known for becoming the first ballerina to tour the world and is also held in high esteem for originating the role of the Dying Swan, a solo ballet performance. The Russians Bring Ballet to the World 59 The Soviet Revolution Yields Balanchine and More As if nurturing many of the century’s greatest European dancers and choreographers were not enough, Ballets Russes also contained the seed of America’s ballet future in the form of a young dancer named Georgi Balanchivadze, who left Soviet Russia in 1924 to join Diaghilev and his fellow dancers in Monte Carlo, where Ballets Russes had stationed itself after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

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