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Cultural experiences usually claims to be an intensive self-discipline. This e-book thinks that is a foul evaluation. Cultural theorists like to toy with Marx, yet serious pondering turns out to fall into visible traps. After an advent and is the reason why the 'Marxism' of the academy is unrecognisable and mostly unrecognised in anti-capitalist struggles, undesirable Marxism presents special analyses of Cultural reports' adored strikes through preserving fieldwork, data, empires, hybrids and alternate up opposed to the sensible feedback of anti-capitalism. enticing with the paintings of key thinkers: Jacques Derrida, James Clifford, Gayatri Spivak, Georges Bataille, Homi Bhabha, Michael Hardt and Toni Negri, Hutnyk concludes through advocating an open Marxism that's either pro-party and pro-critique, whereas being neither dogmatic, nor dull.

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Why Clifford in the 1990s? Why travelling theory now? Should a critique of anthropology explore the role of ideology in reinforcing the ‘New World Order’ in an era of escalating chaotic conflict by pointing to the vicissitudes of new world ordering, and the textual strategies that might be recruited to facilitate this? In emphasising that the travel metaphor organises Malinowski’s anthropology as it does Clifford’s work, I am not suggesting there are no differences between the two, nor would I want to suggest that postmodernists are secret functionalists (but uncertain ones), or that nothing important is contained in the reflexivity and selfquestioning Clifford displays.

Qxd 5/8/04 10:45 PM Page 27 Clifford and Malinowski 27 as other eruptions of matters Trobriand into anthropological discourse. ‘It is I who will describe or create them’ Malinowski says (1967:140), and still in 1935, 20 years after his first visit, he was writing: ‘Once again I have to make my appearance as the chronicler and spokesman of the Trobrianders’ (Malinowski 1935:v). It would be impossible comprehensively to track the extent to which these texts have now travelled through the various global circuits of discipline, publishing, libraries and gossip.

But more than 60 years later why is this still ‘experimental’? Hasn’t the convention of travel writing invaded creative ethnography as well, introducing predictable and pedestrian routine to what once were curious or exotic revelations? Is it too demanding to wonder if both travel writing and ethnography need sometimes to be rendered more seriously? Clifford visits the ‘jungle walk’ at the ‘Temple of Inscriptions’ and his text documents, in 15-minute segments, his ‘trip’. Why should we care? (And although his dropped camera jams up, he still manages to take a photograph, it is included in his book, how?

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