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By R. Bowring, et. al.,

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The ballad ends: So all you gallant poachers, give ear unto my song, It is a bit of good advice, although it is not long, Throw by your dogs and snares, to you I speak plain— For if you knew our hardships—you would never poach again. (31) The ballad’s message is that the poaching assemblage must itself be undone. Ultimately, the balladeer is as domesticated as a horse, his double load not just the ploughing of Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania), but of singing the support of the English landowner.

Jennifer Rutherford writes, “[l]anguage takes on a material quality when it is newly found, each word has its own strange dissonance, a misfit between the word and the thing it manipulates” (Kairos 3). I am not, of course, trying to discern Bennelong’s unknowable intentions, but rather what acts his text might be performing beyond the polite enquiries and requests for clothing that are its ostensible purpose. I have been deferring stating what might seem obvious: the theme of colonization and possession.

However coded, however ironic, all such texts inevitably bear the traces of, the rejection of, and resistance to, settlement. Unsettling is, in a sense, the job of these texts: literally opposed to the job of settler texts. As Muecke puts it, “It could be argued that Aboriginal criticism is political and legalistic by default; it has not ‘learned’ to depoliticise the aesthetic. Only when, and if, the texts become well and truly mainstream will they cease to be regarded as always political, always in the process of making a political statement” (Textual 58).

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An Intro. to Modern Japanese [Book 1 - Grammar] by R. Bowring, et. al.,

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