New PDF release: Airland Combat: An Organization for Joint Warfare

By Thomas A. Cardwell

ISBN-10: 9992274093

ISBN-13: 9789992274095

A company for joint war

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60 When General MacArthur recognized that the command arrangements he had established were not operating as he had planned, he established the land component command, US Army Forces in Korea. MacArthur directed the commander of the US Army Forces in Korea to communicate directly with the other two component commanders-Far East Air Forces and Naval Forces Far East-to 61 secure the required air and naval support . Two events occurred in July 1950 that highlighted the problem of unified actions of land, naval, and air forces .

The debate was not yet over . In 1963 and 1964 the services continued discussing the complicated command structure in the Pacific, and in particular Southeast Asia. The Air Force chief of staff proposed that an airman should be the deputy commander of MACV . COMUSMACV disagreed with the proposal as he was satisfied with his deputy being an Army officer . The Air Force also proposed that MACV be organized along the lines of a theater of 27 AIRLAND COMBAT operations with MACV being a unified command having a land and air component .

The British system put all Royal Air Force aircraft under a single air commander whose headquarters was collocated with the ground commander . This allowed close coordination between the air and land forces and allowed concentrated employment of all tactical air. Through efforts of the Generals Spaatz and Arnold, the Army approved a new air doctrine and organization in mid-1943 . General Marshall, chief of staff, approved the creation of tactical air forces separate from strategic forces. In July 1943 the War Department approved Field Manual (FM) 100-20, Command and Employment of Air Power.

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