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By M.K. Yau, R R Rogers

ISBN-10: 0750632151

ISBN-13: 9780750632157

Covers crucial elements of cloud and precipitation physics and has been commonly rewritten with over 60 new illustrations and plenty of new and recent references. Many present themes are lined comparable to mesoscale meteorology, radar cloud reviews and numerical cloud modelling, and issues from the second one variation, akin to critical storms, precipitation techniques and big scale points of cloud physics, were revised. difficulties are incorporated as examples and to complement the text.

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D = (p - e)IR'Tso that W W = e = £-. 18) £-- (d) Specific humidity q, the mass of water vapor per unit mass of moist air. v + {Jv = E P - e (1 e -E)e = E p. 19) by formally replacing e byes. Because e, = es(T), W s and qs are functions of temperature and pressure only, and do not depend on the vapor content of the air. All meteorological thermodynamic charts contain "vapor lines", which are usually isopleths of W s• (e) Relative humidity j, the ratio of the mixing ratio to its saturation value at the same temperature and pressure.

The top of the homogeneous atmosphere is defined as the altitude where its pressure falls to zero. Prove that the height of the top of the homogeneous atmosphere equals the scale height of the exponential atmosphere. 2. ljJ and the specific enthalpy h of an air sample undergoing a dry adiabatic process are related by h + lJ) = const. (b) Show that the geopotential at pressure level p of an atmosphere in hydrostatic equilibrium is given by where 1p(Po) = O. 3. >. Determine the numerical value of a, and solve for gpm at 1, 10, and 50 km.

To a good approximation, the result is _[ aVg = ~ (_~ az az [ aUg az = -.!... 19) This shows that the geostrophic wind shear is related to the horizontal gradient of potential temperature. If the potential temperature is uniform in the horizontal, which means that the surfaces on which () is constant are horizontal, the geostrophic wind does not vary with height. On the other hand, if the surfaces of constant () are not horizontal, the 3km 710mb Strong West Wind 680mb ~ -'= C7' COLD WARM Q) I Sea level South 1010mb West Wind 1000mb North FIG.

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