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By Terry Kenakin

Pharmaceutical businesses proceed to stand a growing to be desire for scientists expert within the fundamentals of pharmacology. At GlaxoSmithKline, a prescription drugs world-leader, Terry Kenakin usually teaches this path and has drawn on his invaluable adventure to jot down A Pharmacology Primer. This advisor has been designed specially for scientists educated in molecular biology and similar fields who now want to know the elemental theories, ideas and useful functions of pharmacology.

Important chapters conceal: Drug Receptor thought; Drug Antagonism; The Drug Discovery strategy; Pharmacological Assay codecs; facts & Experimental layout; and lots of extra!

A Pharmacology Primer is stocked with necessary assets -- derivations of all formulae in each bankruptcy, a thesaurus and appendices, rankings of full-color illustrations -- that extra increase the worth and software of this booklet.

* 185 illustrations and figures, four-color throughout
* Bulleted lists on the finish of every part sum up major themes
* thesaurus of Pharmacological phrases integrated for speedy reference

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