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By Martin Schottenloher

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Half I provides an in depth, self-contained and mathematically rigorous exposition of classical conformal symmetry in n dimensions and its quantization in dimensions. The conformal teams are made up our minds and the appearence of the Virasoro algebra within the context of the quantization of two-dimensional conformal symmetry is defined through the category of critical extensions of Lie algebras and teams. half II surveys extra complicated issues of conformal box concept corresponding to the illustration thought of the Virasoro algebra, conformal symmetry inside of string conception, an axiomatic method of Euclidean conformally covariant quantum box thought and a mathematical interpretation of the Verlinde formulation within the context of moduli areas of holomorphic vector bundles on a Riemann floor.

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3 The sequence A 1 ~U(1) ~, U(H) ~,U(P) ,1 with L()~) :-- )rids, )~ e U(1), is an exact sequence of homomorphism and, hence, defines a central extension of U(P) by U(1). P r o o f In order to prove this statement one only has to check that ker ~ = U(1) idH. e. ~(U) = idr. Then for all f E H, ~ "= 7(f), one has ~(U)(~) = ~ = 7(f) and ~(U)(~) = 7(U f), hence 7(U f) = 7(f). Consequently, there exists A E C with )~f = Uf. Since U is unitary, it follows that )~ E U(1). e. U has the form U = Aids. Therefore, U E U(1)ids.

G. [BPZ84, p. 335] "The situation is somewhat better in two dimensions. " [FQS84, p. 4 2 0 ] "Two dimensions is an especially promising place to apply notions of conformal field invariance, because there the group of conformal transformations is infinite dimensional. " [GO89, p. " At first sight, the statements in these citations seem to be totally wrong. e. analytic) functions z ~ ~(z) does not form a g r o u p - in contradiction to the first citation - since for two general holomorphic functions f : U V, g : W ~ Z with open subsets U, V, W, Z C C, the composition g o f can be defined at best if f(U) N W 7~ 0.

The group Diff+ (S) is in a canonical way an infinite-dimensional Lie group modeled on the real vector space of differentiable vector fields Vect (S). ) Diff+ (S) is equipped with the topology of uniform convergence of the differentiable mappings ~ : S ~ S and all their derivatives. This topology is metrizable. Similarly, Vect (S) carries the topology of uniform convergence of the differentiable vector fields X :S ~ TS and all their derivatives. With this topology, Vect (S) is a Fr@chet space. In fact, Vect (S) is isomorphic to C°°(S, R), as we will see shortly.

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