is a website that makes creating infographics much easier. The website transforms spreadsheets from XLS and CSV into interactive graphics. You can sign-up for a basic service and it’s free to start for an unlimited time period. Create professional charts, reports or maps in seconds. If you’re looking for a simple yet nice graphic that’s easy to understand, then is a great option.

Media Type/s: Infographic generator
Skills: Easy
Cost:          FREE basic account
                   Annual Billing:
                   $19/month Pro
                   $67/month Business
                   $25/month Pro
                   $79/month Business
                   Contact for a customized price for enterprises (with an annual contract)
                   Additional Educational & Non-profit special pricing
Open Source: Yes
Recommended: Yes


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Data Visualizations
Starting a project

What is the tool designed to do? Who is it designed for?  aids the creation of infographics, charts, and maps.  It is designed for students and professionals alike, and provides a simplistic and intuitive user interface that allows its users to quickly and effortlessly create data visualizations and infographics.

For infographics, users can choose from a wide variety of templates and color schemes. Users may add a variety of charts, graphs, maps, videos, images, and interactive graphics to their infographic to creatively emphasize information. Additionally, users can directly input datasets into charts and graphs to instantly generate customizable visualizations. Users can choose to customize an array of different charts, from bar and line charts to waterfall charts and picture charts.

While there are several limitations to making maps in the free version of (users of the free version can only choose from a world map template or a U.S. map template), the pro version provides users with maps for every continent, country, and each U.S. state. Regardless of the package, maps only offer very basic visualizations of geographic data.

Overall, this tool is not meant for delving deep into intricate data sets and complex stories. is a useful tool for creating quick, easy-to-read charts and compiling facts and figures to tell a short, shareable data story, but many limitations in the software restrict users from crafting longer, more complicated infographics and charts. One of the best features of is its ability to instantly share graphs, maps, and infographics across multiple platforms immediately after they’ve been created.

How do you learn it?

The tool is pretty easy to use which is the best part. is designed to require no programming or design skills. Anyone can use this product. The tool uses a simple drag-and-drop interface. There is a FAQ section as well as a getting started video.

The following videos are helpful when getting started using

Maps: How to Visualize Places, Regions, Countries & More

How to Create Charts, Reports, and Infographics with Infogram

For more instructions, you can check Infogram’s youtube channel. 

To our advantage, the tools do not have much of a learning curve. If you have a clear vision of what you want to put into your infographic, it’s easy to do so. 

Additionally, you can explore’s API documentation. It is available in REST, PHP, Java & Ruby.

If you are having any trouble with the site, also has a live support button docked at the bottom of the website.

How long has the tool been around? Who authored it? was founded in February 2012 by’s CEO Uldis Leiterts. Other founders include Alise Semjonova & Raimonds Kaze. The company is based in Riga, Latvia & San Francisco, California.

Do you think it’ll be around in 5 years? will likely be around in 5 years. The blog remains up to date and is likely to continue to make updates. They’re also active on Twitter. was recently acquired by Visualoop for €1.9M. Point Nine Capital & Connect Ventures were the primary investors in 2014.


  • Gold- Information is Beautiful Awards
  • Best Startup Overall- TNW Amsterdam
  • Top innovator- DeveloperWeek San Francisco is featured on Euronews, El Confidencial, Transparency International, University of Cambridge, The Next Web & The Huffington Post.


I would recommend this tool to users if they are interested in creating and sharing simple, narrative data visualizations quickly. is very user-friendly and pretty self-explanatory, so I might recommend this tool to any beginners who want to practice making charts and data narratives.

Examples of data stories that used this tool

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